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Dare I suggest it often works best with a white OCBD? I'll wait till someone foolishly disagrees and then tell you why.
This business card is in desperate need of a bespoke stylist who understands inset.
That might be my favorite patterned tie. Simple stripes don't get the love they deserve on SF.
J Crew, believe it or not, has been carrying quite a few in recent years.
TBH, I've never seen a solid cream square used in a way that wouldn't be improved by a patterned square with a cream base.
Very wide.
How can it not be? What we consider good taste is really just an extension of what we're used to seeing and expect to see within a specific context. It's about recognizing the unspoken norms of a particular time, place and tribe. Good taste at an English country estate in 1920 isn't the same as good taste in California in 1965 or at a Charleston country club in 1985.As an aside, I'd argue the forums would do well to spend more time acknowledging regional differences --...
It's over 9000!!!!!
Agree -- perfect. It's a name, a title and a state of being.
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