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TOJ1 2011 - Size 44 - Black/Black/Tiger Camo Bought this brand new back in 2011, but it barely gets worn. It's in excellent condition, and comes from a smoke and pet-free home. There's a tiny bit of wear on the leather of the inner left sleeve where it meets the ribbing at the cuff. It's really light and barely noticeable - check it out for yourself in the last pic. It's a stock size 44 with no customizations, so please refer to the chart below for details. $300...
Anyone looking for a 2011 TOJ1 in Black/Black/Tiger Camo in a stock size 44? It's only been lightly worn and in excellent condition. I might be looking to sell mine if I can find interest for it. Hit me up for details/photos if you're interested.
Purchased last spring and only worn once, so it's like new. Comes with a small pouch to stuff the jacket in as well. This is the slim fit style, same as the one they currently sell for $70. $45 SHIPPED within the US.
Worn, but in great shape with no stains or damages. These are from last spring/summer and sold out quick. Purchased in Singapore, so size is marked as 79cm which is a US size 31. They're 98% cotton/2% spandex, which makes them crazy comfy with the slight stretch. Fabric is light too so they're good for summer. $30 SHIPPED within the US Measurements (Self Edge method): Waist - 15.5" Front Rise - 9.5" Back Rise - 14" Thigh - 11.5" Knee - 8" Inseam - 33" Hem - 7"
Worn 2-3 times, so basically new. They're 98% cotton/2% spandex so they're really comfortable despite being pretty slim. $35 SHIPPED within the US Measurements (Self Edge method): Waist - 15" Front Rise - 9.5" Back Rise - 13" Thigh - 10.5" Knee - 7.25" Inseam - 33" Hem - 6"
Purchased these new from Blue in Green in 2008. They were worn pretty regularly for the first two years and very sparingly over the past three years. The warp and weft yarns are both indigo dyed, appearing almost black when new but now beautifully faded with lots of different hues and visible slubs when the light hits and a bit more subtle in low light. Last year I had these hemmed at Self Edge in SF and repaired at Denim Doctors in LA. The repairs included a small...
Uniqlo "Air Protection" Harrington Jacket - sz. XS Purchased this dark navy blue Harrington style jacket from Uniqlo a few years ago. It was from their "Air Protection" line which were pretty substantial windproof polyester nylon jackets. Has a separate contrast lining in it too. Great for spring and fall. Fabric and quality are a lot better than the nylon jackets they're selling now. Lightly worn and in great condition with no stains or damages, just some light...
It fits slimmer and shorter than their other hoodies. Doesn't stretch nearly as much as their tiger fleece and large loop hoodies as well. Quality and overall look is awesome. By far my favorite out of all my Wings hoodies and I've pretty much owned all their different fabrications of hoodies. Really love the look of the Riri zippers on the pockets and has nice details like extra layer of jersey lining on the elbows and shoulders. Definitely worth the extra money.
Thanks for the heads up. Just bought from Brigade as well with the SF discount. First time purchasing from them.
If anyone has a Moto Zip Hoodie in Black in a size small that they'd like to part with, let me know. Edit: Nevermind, just found and bought from Brigade
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