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turnbull and asser i think. they sold limited edition bond ties but i'm not sure if they sold the particular tie you are looking for.
i'm planning to get an eliptical with a small screen to watch tv on. dumbells that reach up to 100 that are easy to grip. Hopefully a brand which i don't have to use gloves but i haven't experienced any as of late. a few machines and benches. need help with brands especially with the eliptical and the dumbells. the machines i only know nautilus so some help there too. but i'd like to narrow the machines down to 3-5 machines that would really be in use.
anyone know the website for cambridge collection eyeglasses or anyone that stocks the brand? i was told they were made in france but have japanese writing. they fit well on me perhaps because they were made for japanese i dunno but i'd like to see what else they have.
i've been looking at these 2. any other suggestions? http://www.shoplaprairie.com/shop-online.asp http://www.cremedelamer.com/template...CT_ID=PROD2459
i like the colors of cordings but i don't think they're low rise. what about these? http://www.cordarounds.com/catalog/
how about putting transition lenses in them so they at least have some function. that's what i did with my old pairs after i got lasik.
cp company has that mille miglia jacket with goggles and it comes in different interesting fabrics. i never thought someone would actually use it for it's intended purpose. http://www.mensvogue.com/clothing/th.../04/cp_company
oliver goldsmith mask sunglasses would look awesome IMO. http://www.fashionandothers.com/2008...hen-i-say.html
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