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Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply.
Hi folks, I'm interested in buying my first pair of Epaulet rivet chinos, and it looks like size 29 will be the best fit. Unfortunately, size 29 isn't regularly stocked so I'll probably need to put in a special order. Does Epaulet's generous return period for SF members also apply to special order items (in case I need to try a size up or down)? Thanks!
I was able to order the Original Briefcase, but only by going to my local UO store. They wouldn't take an order over the phone. As of 1 hour ago there were only about 15 left in the system inventory.
The button-down collar madras shirt looks great! I'm really excited to try it out, but I'm worried a size small will be slightly too large. Do you have any plans for adding XS to the inventory?
Has anyone compared the fits of the slim and standard sized Woodland Jackets? Specifically, sizes small or x-small?
My 28x32 Alpha Khakis taper to just shy of 7" for the leg opening. I've asked J.Crew the dimensions of their urban slim Broken-in Chinos, and was told size 28x32 have a 7.25" leg opening.
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