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Sadly no. I am still suffering under the worst winter ever in the Great White North. Is Evergreen nice? I feel like my club won't open until Easter at the earliest.
Does anyone here like to play golf?
You could play the Links at Spanish Bay. Half the price of Pebble Beach and designed by Tom Watson.
One bad round: Forget it.Two bad rounds: Hit the range.Three bad rounds: go see a professional.
That's not an elevator. That's a funicular. Your story's full of holes now. I kid. I wish mountain courses in North America had something like this. Is your course walkable?
Not for the soporific tie thread, but there's nothing wrong with tie, if you're in to that sort of thing.
You have great taste.
Well the good news is this chambray is fancy enough to wear with a tie. Whereas the other stuff is intended mostly for farm(er)-hands. Are you making 10 shirts?
Looks good. The jacket will also go well with olive or cinnamon corduroy, navy moleskin, or medium grey or khaki whipcord.
I have a golf shoe dream; classic uppers complete with two-tone leather, broguing, and kilties, but the heart of an athletic shoe. Also, it has to accept an orthotic insole.Until I find those shoes, I'm just making do with some ridiculous Dickie Fowler-orange Pumas.
New Posts  All Forums: