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Gravity Pope have a Warehouse Sale. Thursday to Monday at 1695 West 4th Ave. The event, which will feature more than 20,000 items including shoes, clothing and accessories for men and women, will see discounts of up to 90 per cent off on brand-name items from Adidas, Birkenstock, Jil Sander Navy, Hugo Boss, Vans, Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, Wings + Horns — and more. New product will be added daily, according to a press release. The Gravity Pope Warehouse Sale will be...
Mr. Hare - up to 60% off: http://www.mrhare.com/sale/ E. Tautz - up to 70% off: http://etautz.com/
I'll ad to that: Carson's site is an embarrassment. Seriously, sort it out.
So who snatched some fancy French leather goods?
every time I put something in my bag I get: Missoni $550 Crew Neck Sweater, Red-Tan-Navy, 44-54 Size 44-54 Qty. 1 I don't want to buy a F*ing sweater, but thanks. I think all the good shit is gone. Some great deals.
Their site is seriously F&d up!!
And how huge is that discount?
Dude!Is tha the same jacket?
I'm looking, doesn't look any different than this morning!Edit. OK I can see what they've added. Not much of interest and anything good at 80% has immediately sold.
I think it’s less to do with Final Sale here and more to do with-in the way that brands and stores deal with shifting their unsold stock. A lot of the big brands have Outlet Stores dotted throughout the country, so what tends to happen is unless a product has sold badly discounts rarely go above 50%. The stock then moves to the Outlet Stores, usually 2 seasons behind, where often the discounts are not as good as the Retail Store discounts – then those Outlets also have...
New Posts  All Forums: