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Does anyone have a Navy Shirt Blazer in size Large they would like to sell? Please PM me if you do.
Yes, but who wants the hassle of going through the small claims court, I certainly don't. Of course Distance Selling Regulations do get abused, it's part and parcel of being a retailer, it is one of the better ideas the EU brought in.I shall probably never ever get to see the Cashmere Duffle in person. I am sure it is quite special.
A friend who works in retail.
I was very tempted to buy the green Duffle in size 48, it's sold now, but after reading their T&C's there was absolutely no way I would fork out £1000 on a garment that might not fit and couldn't return for a refund, it's just to much money. Yes it looks like a steal at that price and you could probably pass it on via eBay but that's not really the point, why should the customer have to take that sort of risk? The physical sample sales I go to are all strictly sold as...
Marrkt sale event purchases maybe returned for an exchange or store credit, however we are unable to offer refunds such is the nature of the sale. I think this is a bit naughty. Distance Selling Regulations say you are entitled to a full refund up to 7 days after delivery of the item.
Did I miss anything good in the Mrrkt sale today? it all seems to be sample sizes left. I heard a rumor today that NC will be opening a store in Covent Garden!
anyone have any luck at the sample sale? I didn't : (
to be fair it's a burnt orange which is not so bad, but agree it's not the most versatile colour. Navy is probably the one to go for here - the green is a close second.interesting to read a page back that Coggles bricks and mortar store was no longer.and £150 for a T-shirt! that really is taking the P.
they had an extra 50% off outwear Sale price - I guess the Duffles were included in the offer but all gone now - $900 was a pretty good deal if you managed to grab one although I'm not sure if I'm that mad about the orange.
I was looking at those yesterday at Floral Street. they are pretty awful TBH - the only interesting thing about them is they have a print on the sole and they've worked out away of preserving the print by placing a thin piece of of clear rubber over the sole; I wish they had thought of that with my PS Thunder Boots which had a great print on the sole - sadly worn away now.
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