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I just recieved/ordered Tanino in size 43 and 43.5 and there is no difference between them, the 43.5 is the same size as the 43 - maybe it got mislabelled?
Anyone have experience with Buttero Tanino half sizes? I ordered a 43 and a 43.5 and I can't see any difference between them - they even both use the same size 43 insole. Maybe the half size option is just a marketing thing? The new shoes are perfect BTW, no wrinkles.
MH UK/Europe is not short in length. The Japanese line is made specifically for the Japanese market and is sized and cut to reflect this. General rule of thumb is a Japanese XL is the equivilant of a Large, but as you note the sleeves are cut shorter. I was looking at a shirt on the Japanses site a couple of days ago and based on the measurements a UK Large would be a XXL. Although most of the Japanese collection is made in Japan some of the garments appear to be made in...
⌃ those are the 50's Chino in cotton drill - they didn't have them instore when I viewed the new collection a couple of weeks ago. was a little underwhelmed by what was on show, although to be fair it was the first drop. the more interesting knitwear pieces from the catwalk show have either not arrived or not gone into production. saddle crews are there in the usual somber colours. apparently the cream and navy duffle coats which I thought were Mainline are MHL; they had...
Skinflint is back in town.
MH Japan has a slightly different product line to UK/Europe. I don't know how they size womans in Japan but mens are sized S / M / L. It looks like a womans piece - do you have a link?
+1 I agree.
I have CP Achilles and they don't have creases like the Buttero - after a few weeks of wear!
There's a difference between creasing the leather through wear and leather with creasing already in.My Feit lows, highs and bio trainers the leather is ALL perfect - not a crease to be seen.
You mean "crossover".
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