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they don't reduce everything to 80% - if it's at 50% now you're probably going to have to bite the bullet.
Did you get a deal?
Saffiano leather is for SS17 - is that correct? Not a big fan of it TBH - Paul Smith have used extensively for wallets and other leather goods. Can you post some pictures up of your bag, would be interesting to see it?
I read it exactly as you wrote it.heel slip does not decreaseYet you were initially arguing and subsequently arguing that it does decrease with wear. Which one is it?Heel slip isn't a function it's a symptom of a badly fitting shoe.Post up some pictures of your new Feits and include a few different angles so we can see what's going on with the crease around your big toe?
You might want to edit your post because your first sentence contradicts what you originally stated. Have to disagree with your second statement because heel slip is caused by the shoe being an incorrect fit / to long, unless you can physically change the length of the shoe that slippage won't change.
Yes I said denim does shrink, it'll shrink even more if you tumble dry it after soaking/washing, but it also stretches when you wear it. Leather shoes might shrink if you drenched them in water and then dried them out with heat but you have then ruined your leather shoes.
END further drops. http://www.endclothing.com
Sorry folks but leather does not shrink when you wear it - it does the complete opposite. If you have heel slip you have heel slip and no amount of wear will fix that problem; only a heel grip will help but I hate to use them. My advise: always buy your correct size. Raw denim can and will shrink on complete exposure to water, i.e. cold soaking or machine washing, but body moisture? I doubt you'll will see anything. But the denim then stretches to the wearers size or to...
Caliroots C Store boosted to 50%!!
Do I need to buy this jacket? Can the Timberland logo be removed off the sleeve?
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