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Stand out piece from the whole collection IMO. £200 - absoulute steal if you managed to grab one in your size.
No Shit Sherlock
What about white shoe polish?
What you talking about Willis?
they are made in China.
they are made in the same factory Givenchy use:
where can I get a deal on Common Projects?
That may explain why they have bought heavily into the Karimor colab.
Ashley has made his money by buying brands. The first major brand he bought was Donnay. In February 2003 Ashley bought the Dunlop Slazenger brand for £40 million, followed up by acquiring outdoor gear manufacturer Karrimor in March 2003,[12] Kangol for £10 million,[13] boxing brand Lonsdale, most of these brands were bought from distressed sellers. After considering a takeover,[14] Ashley took a £9 million stake and signed a long-term deal with Umbro.[15] Would like to...
Is Wallace & Barnes a real company or just something J. Crew made up for marketing purposes?
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