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I got the CPO shirt in an XL and it's shrinks down about a whole size when soaked. I also got the Map Shirt in MN Twill in a size Large, wonderful shirt but shrinkage was a bit more than expected so I am going to size up.
No thanks.
20% off @ END
Mister Freedom Map Shirt MN Twill is size Large. Brand new shirt from AW14 collection has just had a 30 minute warm soak: Shrinkage is as described on MF: Chest (armpit to armpit) 23” Shoulders: 18 3/4” Sleeve: 24.5” Depth: 29 3/4” Fantastic shirt, great fabric, lot's of wonderful detail but I've decided I want to size up to XL. Price: To anywhere in the UK including free special delivery: £180 + 3.5% (£6) for PayPal - no charge for BT/Gift payment. Rest of the World:...
How do I get on the wait list for cognac?
Have to back MaChemist up here, this is not good business etiquette - it show quite a lot of contempt for the customer.From a commercial point of view it probably looks quite astute but to risk losing the equity of good will you've built up in your brand, it could be costly.
that's a great price...
WOW! sold out in most of the colours in 2 days. When is the re-run planned for?
He's kind of got a point though, maybe it's just the way he said it.Don't shoot the messenger.
Not a mention of Cabourn on the Filson site? I presume the prefix C.C. signifies it's a Cabourn designed garment? -- I stand corrected, found this via google but does not come up on search on the Filson site: http://www.filson.com/filson-life/tag/nigel-cabourn/ We’re pleased to announce the brand-new C.C. Filson Collection in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, who was invited to create special-edition outerwear for Autumn 2014. C.C. Filson combines the quality...
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