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Mr Porter has a small feature on Margaret Howell: http://www.mrporter.com/journal/the-woman-behind-the-brand/ms-margaret-howell/242?cm_mmc=Email-_-DigestC-_-260215-_-GBBEHINDTHEBRAND The Woman Behind The Brand Ms Margaret Howell Meet the British style guru whose perfectly detailed, understated and fad-bucking clothes have earned her “design classic” status Words by Mr Adam Welch, Deputy Editor, MR PORTER People tend to talk about the design of clothing as if it’s a...
There is an in-house design studio, it's based at the back of the Wigmore Street Store. Don't know how many designers they employ but fairly sure they have at least 1 menswear and 1 womanswear, pattern cutters, etc. Margaret is the creative director and I'm sure she still designs.
That's an online sale? Have never seen it before if it is.Reluctant to buy from these guys, their customer services is diabolical – sent 2 questions in the past 3 weeks and no reply.
Sounds like a very expensive mistake.
Finally get to see the internal pocket, secured by an external fastening.Nice!Already sold out in Large.The grey version doesn't appear to have this (although it says it does).
Anyone know if UM will have any further discounting or is this it?
It'll be the same fabric but MIJ and sizing will be different. Quality will be similar. Good luck with trying to order, you may need to use a proxy.
I didn't say that particular item had gone into their warehouse, I expect it has gone back into the retail stores here in London. There would only be a small run on the Macintosh Parka and it's something that can be worn in warmer weather.UM do not show XS as a size they carried – if you click on sizing it will show which sizes they had in stock.The only safe way is to get the store to measure the garment, especially true of MH as sizing is in the process of going smaller;...
What is "not fitting"? Is that like "not feeling"?
I also noticed that they'd removed it from the site, but it's still in the store (at full price). The stock for the site is specific for online retail. I presume if it's been removed it's gone into one of the stores. If it is unsold Sale stock then it goes into their warehouse.The Parka is a Mainline piece, and it appears only Union Made took it outside of MH and according to their size chart they did not take it in XS. Was that size available on the MH website?
New Posts  All Forums: