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agree they make your feet sweat once you've had them on for more than 4 or 5 hours. I don't have problems with heel blisters but I do find I tend to get a blister between my little toe and 4th toe if I wear them for to long. must be the narrowness puts pressure between the toes. anyone else experience this?correction: it's the nail of my little toe pushing/cutting against my 4th toe which is causing the problem, just need to cut the nail back a little shorter there and it...
I just picked up the WInter Combat Boots in black leather (I believe they are also avaiable in the Bordeaux colour, but don't know who stocks them?) and I love them. I don't think they look like DMs! The toe box is slightly different to the Standard Combat Boots, the profile of the commando sole is very noticable as it comes right to the edge, I think I would of prefered a recessed tread but it's grown on me. The leather is very nice on these boots and I'm really looking...
Anyoen know when Buttero started making sneakers (Tanino)? They've been around since 1974 but did they start making sneakers with Margom sole in response to the success Common Porjects had with their Achilles?
There are usually 2 drops to the season. First drop is at end of August. Margaret Howell still don't have eveything instore or online from this collection. It's possible that they won't ship to UM until all of the order can be fuliffiled.
If anyone is planning on going could they proxy me something? Please PM me.
send them back.
II would use tissue paper inside the shoes. ideally a shoe tree should be the same shape as the last its used with - I wasn't aware CP made shoe trees for any of their shoes? yes, def. use a suede protector before you wear the shoes. Nano Protector is amazing and cheap, it should not really effect the colour of the suede if you apply it correctly - don't over do it. you should apply it after every time you clean the shoes with a suede brush.
Anyone actually pruchased a pair of Gummy and can give a review?
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