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LUISAVIAROMA promotional discount offers are so ridiculous – are they just having a laugh?
Which premium brands are using paper board insoles? CPs use a foam backed leather insole – the problem with it is it is glued in, but the sneakers are leather lined. Buttero use a foamed backed leather insole, which is removable and can be replaced, but their sneakers are generally unlined. FEIT use a removable leather insole with the option of a cork insole for fit.
As far as I was aware JL's boat shoes (when they were still available) were welted and made in England. FEIT's leather sneakers use a modified Goodyear construction. JL's trainers are made in Italy – you're post seems imply that they are of low quality and not a lot of thought goes into them as they are just a branded item to fill the shelves – I would say the opposite. I don't know of any premium or luxury shoe maker using India for production of sneakers?
^^ Some exclusions may aplly
my vinatge white achilles are creased in that area but perhaps not as badly, and certainly did not show notciable creasing after 3 wears. I was planning on picking up a pair of off-white gummy but perhaps now I'm a little reluctant. the gummy is a rubberised leather, I belive the rubber part is a coating but I don't know much else about it? whether it's breathable or not etc.? as already discussed a few pages back it does appear CP could be using better quality leathers,...
Jhericurls: are they the off-white gummys?
No idea what other English shoe makers will do in the following weeks, will have to wait and see. However most of the other English shoe maker aren't kite flying their prices so an increase inline with inflation is hardly a problem. Clearly the Jermyn Street store saw a spike in sales/demand post brexit due to the weakening pound, we know this from general post-brexit news reports, it's been like a 10 to 15% discount for tourists. But if management just whack up prices by...
Funny how you don’t highlight CPI compounded for the last 2 years is at less than 2%. Let’s just ignore the fact that inflation has been running at near negative rates in the UK of recent.I stated that they have increased their prices almost up to a 5% this time.The Caudale was £780 in February, it then went to £815 and has now jumped to £870, that’s an increase of 11.5% in less than 8 months, well above the almost 5% you suggest.Brexit, full capacity and continous high...
Can we have some photos please?
Did you read my previous post? The Dundee has gone up 27.5% in 2 years whilst CPI in the UK compounded over that period was less than 2%. That's taking the piss. I'm reading here "their at full capacity, they have no choice BS" - this is a terrible way to run a business, punish and alienate your customers, if they want to make more money then invest, expand, take on apprentices, look at ways to be more productive.
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