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It is a visually interesting jacket. Do you have the Air Craft in any earlier incantations and how do they compare if you do?
FWIW this is my review of the Nigel Cabourn Air Craft Jacket in Rustic oilcloth. http://www.cabourn.com/men/clothing/aircraft-jacket.html Received the jacket last week; size 52. The size was fine, I usually wear a size Large but sometimes go up to XL. Lot of people have recommended sizing down in this, but I tried a 50 and it was definitely to small. IMO it fits true to size. The oilcloth is great quality, very nice colour which works really well with the sheepskin hood...
What colours does the oli-cloth Everest come in? Black or Rust Air Craft Jacket arrived!!
The Trench Coat looks amazing in person, looks like a real piece of vintage. It's a bit of look to carry off though, won't be for everyone.
Christmas comes early. Corniche have gone to Sale!!
I think this has already been discussed but Coggles was an independent fashion boutique based in the heart of York founded by Sarah Bage in the 1970's. It got into financial difficulty and the Hut Group bought the name and closed the physical stores but have continued to trade as Coggles online. Interstingly the other store in York that carries Cabourn (SuperDenim) is also an online retailer. The Hut Group and Coggles share the same address: Meridian House, Gadbrook...
I think you left it to late to make a claim. Most CC companies have a 120 day policy. However I still strongly advise you contact your credit card company and put in writing what has happened. There is Section 75 consumer credit card Act that gives you protection when things go wrong. Does your proof of return, tracking number still show the item was returned, do you still have copies of email communication with Coggles showing a return was agreed. Also contact Coggles, by...
Ferry: How did you pay? When was it returned? Go back to your credit card company and file a chargeback. If you paid by PayPal you may of left it to late, however if the PayPal payment was funded with your credit card you will have a longer window to file a claim.
Coggles have the black oil-cloth Everest on Sale now for £1200. http://www.coggles.com/jackets-clothing/men/clothing/nigel-cabourn-men-s-everest-parka-twist-jacket-black/10965739.html?utm_source=googleprod&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=gp_clothing&affil=thggpsad&switchcurrency=GBP&gclid=Cj0KEQiA5K-kBRDZ9r71gOvlxOMBEiQAwkK52PRLsxlY58fKkUqoFRhZaUlPdxO4cRuxp8-g-hPKW74aAq488P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds Think I prefer a bit more colour! The women's Everest is half price, at just...
Margaret Howell Red Guernsey from AW12. This is my fave and is merino/cashmere mix.
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