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http://uk.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip_300/310_fashion_advice.html In answering the common question “What should and what shouldn’t be dry-cleaned?” there is one universal answer that can be applied to all garments: Mostly everything can be dry-cleaned in moderation. When it comes to dry cleaning your clothes, the high drying temperatures and chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process can directly damage your garments or slowly decrease their lifespan. So, while it may...
Funny that; every Margaret Howell piece of knitwear I own has a hand-wash symbol, don't bleach symbol, cool iron symbol, dry-clean symbol, do not tumble dry symbol on the care label. But then WTF do Margaret and I know? I find the word "dick" often comes to mind when I'm hand washing my knitwear.
msg: I mentioned on the previous page but I found these wool/cashmere saddle crews do tighten up a little bit in the wash. not so much in the length but in the width. I find the arms noticeably tighten. once you wear it for a few hours it will stretch to fit your body shape. just be careful washing. I would hand wash, luke warm, with delicate detergent, softener, very short spin and dry flat. fit looks good. you don't want it loose at the bottom.
This link shows Mens Mainline AW15 Show: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/autumn-winter-2015/mens/margaret-howell The quality looks up to the usual standards, but this for me is one of the most formal collections I've ever seen from MH. Some good looking outwear, but most of it I think I could pass on. The DB Sheepskin looks almost identical to one they made a few years ago. Looks like they've dropped the Shirt Blazer
http://www.growthbusiness.co.uk/news-and-market-deals/fundraising-deals/2476602/uk-clothing-brand-shackleton-sets-ambitious-crowdfunding-target.thtml British-based clothing start-up Shackleton has set itself the target of raising £27,000 in 27 days, the company has announced. Having raised around £3,000 before Christmas, the company now has until 31 January to reach its £30,000 target through the Kickstarter website. Under the website’s rules it must reach its target to...
Was watching this movie the other night The Thing from Another World http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0044121/ Had Cabourn written all over it. Got me thinking about other movies, Ice Station Zebra being an obvious one. Must be some others out there could of used the NC Authentic line wardrobe; anyone care to add?
They are a MH staple. The pattern doesn't change, just the colours: The winter version is 70% wool, 30% cashmere; however it's also available in 100% Cashmere at about twice the price. The summer version is 53% cotton, 47% cashmere.
Hey Zissou, How is the fit on the fair isle? I asked the seller for some measurements and it sounded like the chest came up small so I passed on it. Which was surprising as MH is usually generous fitting. It's just old stock Mr Porter have not sold, they tend to drop past season stock into the end of Sale, although I'm surprised they had so much. Mr Porter US and UK have the same stock but we don't have any of those items on the UK site. There should be measurements for...
I already have that sweater, it's from a couple of years ago. Nice to I can now order from US site, just $66 for shipping + taxes!
The Pea Coat was something like £530/£550. They might be further discounting towards the end of the Sale but as they had some AW13 stock out with the same discounting I wouldn't get your hopes up. The Pea Coat is quite fitted across the shoulders, I found I could not wear it with jumper underneath – other problem is the sleeves run long on it. They could obviously be shortened but would not be an easy job as it's very heavy fabric. The fabric looks almost identical to the...
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