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is it fair to say Nigel Cabourn invented or re-introduced this style of the split fabric jacket - the cameraman?
Fenwick on New Bond Street are now carry a small selection of Margaret Howell Mens Mainline.
Regarding Marrkt: Thankfully I got them to measure the jacket at which point I found out they were small and size was in Japanese and not European sizing. You can contact Marrkt online via http://www.superdenim.com/ live chat as they're the same company. They don't appear to reply to emails - at least not very quickly in my experience. I didn't make a purchase.
A selection of boots and shoes from AW14:
Yes. Sold out. That cable knit fits true to size but it is very drapey, especially loose fitting around the waist.
I am looking for one of these Classic Shirts from SS14 in a size Large:
A size 2 is a Japanese size, a size 2 is not even close to a size 50 which is IMO a Medium. A size 2 would be more like a small. Send it back for a refund.
I think Coggles has that jacket in their Sale and there didn't appear to be any interest in it. Think it was 50% off for ever - I guess they eventually marked it down further at some point? Kind of regret not picking it up now – that colour is classic.
Is this the suit jacket?
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