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is there an official list of CP colours? Archiles appear come in an array of off-whites and the stores seem to have different descriptions for the shades of white. there now appears to be a warmer white in the collection.
the Manchester & Leeds online stores have a better selection and pricing - please elaborate?Army gym pays premium for location...and it's a dismal experience in the tiny store - hardly describe the Army Gym as a tiny store, and if they had more space what exactly would they fill it with?My experience of the Army Gym has been great, very helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgable staff, a credit to the brand (and I'd hardly call myself a N.C. fanboy). It's a very nice...
it got sold a couple of days ago as I was also thinking about picking it up but wasn't totally convinced it suited me. the discount was pretty good but with import duties it would of bumped up a bit higher than I wanted to pay. It's quite a nice coat, as you'd expect from MH, but its not particularly substantial, only really suitable for mild weather.
What is Cheaney quality like?
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there's also a thread just for Kylie Minogue discussion
If the goods cost even a little bit more locally then you are always better off buying domestically as overseas return shipping is usually expensive. I have to return a jumper to Sweden this week and the return shipping works out close to $30. Check ENDS returns policy, they offer free returns for the UK and I heard Zizzou had to return a Shearling Coat to them from the States a few weeks ago and they covered the cost of the return - they arranged a Courier Collection....
230 what? Pounds, shillings or pence?
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