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Nakedsnake: it doesn't have a hood! This one has a hood though: What you reckon?
]]What exacltly don't you like? I think it looks pukka.
£705. Went to Covent Garden today to have a look but they had sold out of my size.The fabric is high quality 100% Nylon; looks much better in person. Here's a close up:
Any retailer would of sold them by now. Only place that might still have them is Paul Smith.
Well if all the shoes they put out were to that standard or all had the same problems they wouldn't stay in business very long. My expereince with the brand has been positive, and I am very fussy about quality.
It's very diffiuclt to order end of season stock from the Paul Smith Sale stores. They don't have the same stock control as the Mainline retail stores. It's still worth contacting customer services through the Paul Smith website to see if they can help; especially if you have the code. I am fairly sure I have seen those Cage's in off-white at the Warehouse Sale, a few years ago. But they have stopped having Warehouse Sales in London.
It's a real shame you had such a bad experience with the brand. I can't explain what has happened with the leather, it does look exceptionally bad. Did you buy the shoes from Mr. Hare or a retailer? I would take them back and make a complaint. Goods do have to be fit for purpose. Those off-white shoes are Millers. The Miller has now been discontinued.
After many weeks of searching I think I’ve finally found the perfect down parka for this winter. I admit I’ll never be able to afford a real Everest so I’m having to make a compromise. It’s features 90% duck/10% feather down, corozo nut buttons, RiRi Zips and a detachable real sheepskin collar – a perfect balance between style and practicality in my opinion. I’d really appreciate your thoughts before I take the plunge as I’m not 100% sure that the mauve 'Stippled Colour'...
Mailand, whereabouts are you? If you can't find them on eBay then your best bet is trying the Sale Stores. Do you have the product code?
Mailand - are the snekers Mr. Hare? I had a pair of Mr Hare 'Deacon' shoes in I think the same dark green leather, they were from AW13 collection. I picked them up at sample sale. I remember the leather did scuff quite easily but I used some WOOLY cream (matching colour) and that took care of scuffs. The design is different to the Bernard and there was some natural creasing but nothing as bad as what can see in your photos. The wear on the heel is disappointing if the...
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