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I guess to early to see how the denim evo/fades?
Flatering artistic photos!! Cabourn stylee!!Does anyone own a pair of these?http://www.cabourn.com/men/clothing/work-jeans.htmlReport please?
archive/ˈɑːkʌɪv/nounnoun: archive; plural noun: archives1.a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people."a section of archive film" synonyms: records, annals, chronicles, registers, accounts;papers, documents, rolls, dossiers, files, deeds, ledgers;history, information, evidence;documentation, paperwork;formalmuniments"if you delve into the family archives you'll find that their marriage was a very...
Wonder if there will be any decent Black Friday deals out there? Getting 30% banded about all the time, but I'm looking for a real discount.
It's a legitimate post, stop Trolling.
I purchased a pair of red Rollins by mail order as soon as they came out (apparently Cage used the same Last as the Rollins - they do look very similar shape). But I found the facing had been made to short which made them unpractical for lacing. They went back. I loved the look of the Rollins and the colour was amazing, so it was a major disappointment. I ended up getting a pair of Paul Smith Marcello's in the red colour, and although they fit fine they're still in the...
Comments on the product only please.
I doubt they would of made that many in the colour you're looking for. Good luck.
I thought you would of got your usual size or a size down. It must be huge if it's a size up?I agree about the washed out colour, I was a bit disappointed when I saw it at the store, it's still very nice though
desolate: what size did you purchase?
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