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They are a MH staple. The pattern doesn't change, just the colours: The winter version is 70% wool, 30% cashmere; however it's also available in 100% Cashmere at about twice the price. The summer version is 53% cotton, 47% cashmere.
Hey Zissou, How is the fit on the fair isle? I asked the seller for some measurements and it sounded like the chest came up small so I passed on it. Which was surprising as MH is usually generous fitting. It's just old stock Mr Porter have not sold, they tend to drop past season stock into the end of Sale, although I'm surprised they had so much. Mr Porter US and UK have the same stock but we don't have any of those items on the UK site. There should be measurements for...
I already have that sweater, it's from a couple of years ago. Nice to I can now order from US site, just $66 for shipping + taxes!
The Pea Coat was something like £530/£550. They might be further discounting towards the end of the Sale but as they had some AW13 stock out with the same discounting I wouldn't get your hopes up. The Pea Coat is quite fitted across the shoulders, I found I could not wear it with jumper underneath – other problem is the sleeves run long on it. They could obviously be shortened but would not be an easy job as it's very heavy fabric. The fabric looks almost identical to the...
I think they are Blake construction and they were Made in Italy, but I don't know which Factory made them?
Thanks Blog Marley. I gave the DSM Store (London) a call last week but they said they had cleared all their MH stock and were waiting for S/S. Wasn't clear if they stocked Mainline or MHL, I had assumed Mainline.I checked Fenwick, they have very little stock. They had out some AW13 jackets and coats in their Sale along with the Pea Coat from AW14. Don't get to excited Fenwick are not known for generous discounts on their menswear.
http://vimeo.com/116496172 Not feeling this, maybe it'll be better when it's merchandised?
The eBay Everests are not really fakes are they? They don't use the Cabourn trademark. They are copies. The new Everest sounds like it could be the one to start saving for!
Nice one - it says Limited Edition 03!The shirt early on looks interesting?
OK. Let's have a sweepstake on the price of the new AW15 Everest with the new heavy ventile. I'm going with £2,700.
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