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Last seasons off-white (4000) sits somewhere between the Carta and the Grey - like a light Pantone Cool Grey.
Carta / Grey
I've used it on light coloured suede, various colours and it hasn't noticeably darkened the shade. I agree that it does look noticeably darker in that clip - there are other clips of Nano being used on YouTube
Crep vs Nano:
I recommend Nano Protector for suede.
free2hear is right, it is shill bidding.
Don't quote me but I have a feeling the trainers are a collaboration with New Balance. Reason being is they already offer a New Balance trainer for the Japanese market:
Well if that is the case their VAT free policy is somewhat misleading if they are increasing the price of the goods for US based customers.Here's END's VAT free policy with no mention of an increase in the base price:Do you offer a VAT discount to non EU customers?Yes, if you're shipping destination is a non EU destination then our prices already have VAT removed.However END do offer a price match policy:Do you price match?Yes, we are more than happy to match the prices...
Currently Tres Bien is a price match with END for Common Projects on all styles give or take £1 (promotional codes excluded).END also offer VAT free purchases on all their goods for item shipped outside of the EU. They are the same price as fransboone on a like for like basis on CPs (340 Euros = £290). The difference is the Netherland VAT rate is 21% as opposed to the UK VAT rate of 20%, which makes the fransboone price marginally cheaper by approximately a couple of...
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