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surprised no one already posted this. can't say I'm to excited about this collection, especially as a follow on from AW16. not much new to see here. they've repeated in the Marion Foale Guernsey in a mustard yellow. pleated wide leg trousers. a modified version of the SS16 fishtail parka. white shoes. I like the jacket at 3 minutes, and that's about it.
that's exactly what they do. have a look at the UK and US site, they carry exactly the same inventory.all of the photography (shot at the head office in London, I've been there for meetings so I've seen the studios) is shared between the sites.there maybe some minor exceptions, but I've never seen any.
I think you means it's duplicate stock, Mr. P US and Mr. P. EU inventory is exaxtly the same, yes different stock levels as one uses a warehouse in the US and the other a warehouse in the UK.
normal service resumed
Officine Creativ is an Italian shoe company. It doesn't really interest me although I'm sure the quality is good. Italy has a rich heritage of shoe making, The majority of Paul Smth shoes are made in Italy.
The French are big fans of English shoes so there are many stores and outlets in Paris. Edward Green: 199 bis, Boulevard St. Germain, Paris +33 (0) 1 53 63 47 50 http://www.edwardgreen.com/store/boulevard-st-germain You could try visiting this store in Paris: http://www.upper-shoes.com/en/ which sells EG, John Lobb etc. Crocket & Jones: 14 Rue Chauveau Lagarde, 75008 Paris John Lobb has several stores in Paris. French makers: J. M. Weston and Berluti come to mind, but...
If you can wait he Mr. Hare Monks will probably be discounted to 50%. I've owned Grenson, they have 2 lines, a made in Northampton line which top quality and a cheaper line which I think is made in india. They are good value for money at full retail. Suggestions? Can you get to Jermyn Street? That's where all the great shoe makers have their stores. I'm a huge fan of Edward Green, but I can not afford to buy them, one day…
Tres Bien Pre-sale 25% here is my friends discount code if anyone want to use… PRE-SALE-4U7PW
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