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Looking for a Swizz / Zurich based proxy?
Not sure why you've quoted me? The new one is def; called the Antartic Parka!Ideally would like to see some alternatives to the Antartic which are currently available at retail.
No one seems to know the asnwer to my question, but it does not really matter. I ordered a couple of pairs of Buttero Tanino from Upumo, the all black version and the off white baby calf version, these are the ones with laces and are lined. Both pairs were perfect. However when it's come to the white calf Tanino I've had nothing but problems. Out of 6 pairs I ordered over the summer, 3 were returned because of wrinkles, 2 returned because of factory faults and only 1...
No. Send them back if they fit to big.
That's a great pick-up at a great price Zizzou and very comparable to the NC version. Are there any other brands out there that make a comparable Parka? I'm sure someone mentionedf awhile back that they felt the new NC one was a copy of another brand?
I agree it's going to be very challenging to find one at Sale at a price point I'd feel comfortable with when the retial price is £3K!
If you get them for a steal then I think it's worth taking a risk on them!
What is the general consensus of the new Antartic Parka? Anyone here pruchased one or is planning to purchase one if they go Sale?
Yes, see page 83 of this forum.I purchased a pair of Gummy last week but I decided to send them back after speaking to a friend who let's say works in the industry; he ahd this to say:It wrinkles and eventually cracks. How long depends on the quality. Whenever you bond two materials together they're dependent on the gluing process. There is no cream for it like leather. Either way, they are bonded as opposed to fused, so the rubber will act like rubber and the leather like...
Tell me more please?Did they have any Dundee there?
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