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This thread needs some love…
Have you recieved the jacket or confirmation that it shipped?
If you are in the UK I would recommend this company:http://www.shoe-repairs.co.uk/
Could anyone here comment on the Trickers / Margaret Howell collaborations? They currently have a few styles available: A dark brown Military Derby. A black wingtip brogue. A cream chukka boot. I'd be mainly interested in thoughts on the brown derby? What last is used and if Trickers offer or have offered something similar in the past?
Oliver's original post appears to have been removed from this thread. I was hoping he was going to post some pictures of the shoes so we could have the opportunity to form an opinion of what the problem was.
i£325 vs £740.Decisions.
Why would Saphir Renovateur strip the colour from the shoes? It's a water based and contains no solvents. Oliver, please post up some pictures of the shoes, I'd be interested to see what happened to them.
They look like Mr. Hare's Fela.
You can't take a joke. I am getting a pair of EG's and I'm coming back here to gloat.
I am not in London at the moment so can't go to the store, simple question really, why do you have to make such a deal out of it.
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