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When does the new store open?
they will def sort you out if it's only just been pulled, but if you wait to long it will get more difficult for them to track it down.
MH doe sell both black and brown shoes and boots. Personally I 'm not a huge fan of her footwear for men; yes it's good quality but I think there's a lot more interesting stuff out there for the money. Black shoes with a Navy suit works fine but it's considered more formal. Brown shoes with a Navy suit also works but it's considered informal or more casual. I generally prefer brown shoes but if I was wearing dark grey I would probably wear black shoes.
A lot of people say that but it's really not a rule. Black and navy do work.I fairly sure I've seen MH mix Navy and Black, not often though.
sti1zkin answered the question. it is indeed a hand knit and collab piece with Marion Foale. It's not clear whether it designed by Foale or Howell or whether they designed it together? The design is what makes really special. They've carried the charcoal version over to AW14.
I expect it ended up slimmer because of the indigo dyeing process. I think there was some variation in size on these garments because Margaret Howell were not selling them online.The Autumn Winter Mens Lookbook is now online:http://www.margarethowell.co.uk/collections/men/autumn-winter-2104-collection/Looks a very solid collection although I always feel it's a case of deja-vu with a lot of the garments (although I'm not complaining).The heavy Moleskin trousers which were...
New Tutto Nero Collection is out: http://www.mrhare.com/shop/ the best yet IMO.
New Tutto Nero Collection is out: http://www.mrhare.com/shop/ the best yet IMO.
is it fair to say Nigel Cabourn invented or re-introduced this style of the split fabric jacket - the cameraman?
Fenwick on New Bond Street are now carry a small selection of Margaret Howell Mens Mainline.
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