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discount for US = 60% + additional 20% with code.UK = 50% and no additional 20% code.both include free shipping.I see this happening not just with LNCC but with lots of other European based E retailers.the most contemptuous of rcent was Agnes B discounting certain garments @ 50% for everywhere accept the UK. UK customers still had to pay full price for the same goods offered at half price for EU/USA. same stock shipping out of the same warehouse.
Coupon code "SS16CLEARANCE20" can currently not be added to your cart.
Read the description.
Extra 10% off Sale at Mr. Hare: http://www.mrhare.com/sale/ use code: HARE10 some items are already marked down 70%.
These are the ultra rare "2009" edition.
It's 15% and I see now that I've just missed a 25% discount code!
Does the discount code work with Sale items?
this does not appear to work, is it for US customers only?
When are the next Need Supply discounts? I just missed the extra 25%!
Maybe older pairs of deadstock CPs (if such a thing exsists) will become sought after because of "Leathergate". Paul Smith Basso trainers which use the same sole (probably made in the same factory) use a much softer Nappa leather, they have a wider fit and have a lot more cushioning around the inside of the ankle. I just wish they had produced them in a completely off-white design - I really disliked the black heel detail, although I'm sure some will love it. Be warned...
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