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Not a mention of Cabourn on the Filson site? I presume the prefix C.C. signifies it's a Cabourn designed garment? -- I stand corrected, found this via google but does not come up on search on the Filson site: http://www.filson.com/filson-life/tag/nigel-cabourn/ We’re pleased to announce the brand-new C.C. Filson Collection in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, who was invited to create special-edition outerwear for Autumn 2014. C.C. Filson combines the quality...
ArkAir: http://www.present-london.com/ark-air/?mc_cid=bd02aa9c1d&mc_eid=ee6ddbeb14 Bang for your buck.
I was joking. Appears Nigel is not!
Don't you know Medium is the new XL.
Barneys have the actual size listed for their descriptions - they don't use M/L/XL etc.No returns though.
I would ask the site to measure the trousers before you buy because there is inconsistency between styles.I wear a 34 and usually take a size M/ Medium but recently I've had to buy the Large to get a 34.
No. I was being facetious. Superdenim have now added a description to the garment, zero info when the garment was originally shown online.The collar on the Filson is ridiculous.Contest appear to have stock.If End say they only have 1 in stock that's all they have.Someone on this forum needs to get professional help.
Price drop: £180 + shipping.
Mr. Hare Miller Shoes; Colour: Dark Brown Size: UK 9.5 - US 10.5 - EU 43.5 Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Amazing quality shoes, suitable for both formal and informal occasions. Dark Brown with a burnished toe. Brand new in box. Size: UK 9.5 Shoe length: 31.9 cm, width: 10.9 cm. These are a little bit snug for me across the arch/width so a good for those with narrower feet. If you have a regular width feet these will be a better fit for a regular size UK 9 or US...
I must be looking at a different website! Where does it say donegal wool?Can someone answer why the Everest Parka "Twist' is £500 less than the EP Indigo or Black Navy?Agree, the new site is very clunky. I like 'arty' pictures but would prefer to see product photos of the garments.BTW: You have to press Load More Items to see everything - very easy to miss this.The Donkey jacket stands out - but if the collar is sewn down - well that sucks.Coastal Command looks great -...
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