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Filson messenger bag in style 257, that is, the large briefcase in the colour tan. It has seen a couple of years of use, so there are two things I should note: There's a small discolouration on one of the sides of the bag (see the pictures) - I don't know if it can be removed somehow. The glue on one of the sides of the shoulder strap has also come ever so slightly loose (again, see the pictures) - I've never bothered to contact Filson about it but maybe it's possible...
Not worn that much but some fades are beginning to show. No washes.
Good condition, worn less than 10 times. Price not including ebay fee Located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Selling a Stark size M in the colourway grey melange. The colour is best represented in the picture showing the whole item from the front. It's the old model, meaning it has a slightly longer neck than the current Stark as well as a longer body overall. Shipping to Europe included in the price. Paypal fees (paid by buyer) are not.
Any Europeans who preordered from Suspension Point last year? I'm wondering if the reduced price can make up for the customs fee I'm sure to get hit with, or if it's cheaper to just wait and buy from a EU based store.
Mine is the same way, MUCH darker than what you'd expect from the photos. It's a damn shame, I expected it to match last season's indigo melange or sea blue. Is Frans Boone's triple blue special the same?
Rayon Frais has no idea what they're doing, I can tell you that.
Just got in a triple blue size M from Le Rayon Frais. The colors are much darker than I expected and seem much darker than the Frans Boone triple blue? Not sure if it's the lighting that makes Frans Boone's seem lighter. Anyway I put it on top of my Stark size S from last year: The sleeves are longer on the M but the body is noticeably shorter.
What's up with these deal sites, do they sell damaged stock or display models or something?
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