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FYI I tried on 8 pairs of the warby Parker sunglasses and most of them (6) felt very small Squeezing at the temples, they may be suited more for women or smaller head Build quality is ok for price point. Dent end up keeping any
do you know if sizing is true for both high and low?did you get high or low?what size achillies are you?im a 41 achillies last years 40 cap toes high fit me well but i would say narrow.
im in for pics too.
ryanm what sweats? are they sweats?
so you saying that about the 44's that they fit good in the foot and toe but loose in the ankle or speaking of 43's
darn it! not helping me pull the trigger LOL. thank you kid nickels. anyone else?
yo la guy, or anyone else who has the shell toe highs did you get your achilles size? or do they run big/small?
recommend me black overdye jeans slim fit / skinny ok too. requirements are no stretch, no pocket design. under $200 thanks
im interested in the solid black weird guys, does anyone own these? i wanna see some real life pics. ty
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