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yes still available.
For sale * $75 shipped in the USA Paypal only ( i have good ebay feedback if you are interested) * to keep shipping low i will not ship with original box, if you really want it you will need to add $10 * Quoddy Blucher * brick red camp sole * calico suede mushroom * manila lining * antique brass eyelets * brown laces. * These had a charcoal camp sole which i replaced with a brick red camp sole and insole. * The red soles and insoles has only about 5 wears * the rest of...
lambswool blend cardigans, TTS? or size down?
what was pricing like?
Our legacy 40% off
Perfect t true to size
Maas and stacks had/some Norse hats on sale
id say it wouldnt be a safe to assume that, lvc has a lot of different cuts depending on reproduction year, a lot of the fits are quite large up to 3 sizes larger than tagged i would get measurements IMO
the vest looks great, i been eyeing it too
i have this for sale if anyone is interested. thank you
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