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I was totally happy with the fit of the RLBL anthony I tried on also. Again, still beating the bushes here, trying to find a SF member who will part with an anthony in 38r for the right price.
No luck on Woodbury Commons store, they only have sz 40+ left. All other RL stores are charging retail. Additional thoughts?
Thanks for the heads up, I'll give them a call and see. If I have no luck, do you think it might be worth my time to call other Ralph Lauren stores? I didn't think RLBL staple suits went on sale.
I know it's the "holy grail" of the bunch, but I've got money in hand and am looking for a RLBL suit in black or charcoal in 38R. I'm looking for possible forum members who may be willing to part with the suit for the right offer. I'm willing to bid aggressively.
Thanks for the suggestions. My budget is $500 for the suit. And I'd prefer a wool suit. I'm not comfortable personally with linen or cotton.
I'm moving to Los Angeles in a couple weeks to look for a job and I'll need a suit/shirt/tie etc. I'm on a budget here, so anyone have any recommendations on where to shop? I'm thinking very lightly used or 'like new' clothing here, not brand new. Great thrift shops etc. Thanks in advance for the input. Francis
Interested in the RLBL 38R also.
Well, can't argue with that. Honestly, I'm fine with no black suits. I wore a black suit to work everyday when I worked at Montblanc (thank god those days are over), so I've had my fill. I just assumed black was "formal," since I used it for business before, and one of the main uses of the suit would be attending weddings. They won't be the only uses though.
Quote: Don't buy black. Buy dark navy or charcoal. It's something you'll hear ad nauseam around here but it's true. In short, what is the reasoning?
Quote: Originally Posted by garymyman THIS is more along the lines of what I was thinking of. Though that big ticket pocket flap looks a bit goofy on a slim jacket... Yeah, I'm kind of averse to that too.
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