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I've been doing a lot of research on relatively cheap MTM places in NYC and narrowed my choices to Mysuit and Alton Lane. There were some good and bad reviews for both places. For example: Mysuit has great customer service and turnaround time, but fit depends heavily on the sales associate that takes your measurements. Alton Lane has a terrible turnaround time, but they have an accurate(?) method of taking measurements. I was wondering if you guys could help me...
I guess you're right. Thanks for the advice. Anyone else?
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidus Unless OTR doesn't fit you, I think it would be better to go with OTR than cheap MTM. Well, I figured if I got an OTR suit, I would get it tailored anyways and it would cost around the same amount. But since it'll fit me slightly better, maybe it'll be worth it to get it MTM?? Slight dilemma here.
I've read previous threads on how it's not best to order from My.suit online because it's pretty inaccurate when measuring yourself and ordering online. This is the main reason why I refuse to order from indochino, moderntailor, etc. I was wondering if anyone has any experience getting measurements and ordering with a sales associate in-store? Starting at $495 for a MTM suit seems like a pretty good deal. Also, what is the quality of the fabric like, compared to...
Thanks for the all the advice, guys. Could anyone recommend a place in NY that makes made-to-measure suits at a decent price?
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Where is your internship? NYC? Are you in any particular group such as I-banking, equity research, trading? You don't often see bankers wear tan at work, summer or not. Would stay away from tan. Too casual. Gray & navy are good choices. What about shoes? Do you have a couple of decent pairs? $500 max will be tough. If these are your first suits, bite the bullet and go to BB and get something there. Do you even know...
Quote: Originally Posted by tphd why navy and tan over navy and gray? Because of the season or something else? Just curious, I always hear that the first two suits one buys should be navy and gray. what is your price point OP? What field? I don't have much corporate experience but I assume that a summer intern will not be expected to dress as well as regular staffers, and office folks in general don't wear very nice suits. I'll be working...
Quote: Originally Posted by Leverandon There's no comparison between Brooks Brothers and Men's Wearhouse. Get the two Brooks suits on sale, one in navy and one in charcoal, and you'll be set for your summer internship and have the foundation for a solid business wardrobe. By Brooks suits, are you referring to the outlet mall quality? Is the 346 line still better than men's wearhouse?
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