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Thanks for the replies so far. Is it best to get 100% cotton?
I need a couple cheap(<$30) slim fit dress shirts. Any suggestions on department stores or outlet malls where I could find some? Even the dress shirts at Macy's are over $40... Thanks.
It's currently going for about 250. Is it still too expensive? Better to get something else?
I'm from NY and my price range is around 300-400. What other stores would be my option? I went to several other stores and it seems like macys would be my best choice.
Thanks for the advice. I was considering these because they're 40% off right now, which makes it very affordable. I need a suit sometime very quickly, so I do not think MTM would be an option at this point....and I don't feel comfortable taking my own measurements and ordering online. I've seen a DKNY suit at Macy's for around the same price range and was considering that as well...but it was wool/polyester. Thoughts?
Just checked out the Macy's website and found this suit: by Ralph Lauren Mens%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D23 The description says it is a regular suit with a modern fit. What does that exactly mean? I am looking for a slimmer-cut suit and I was wondering if anyone has tried this suit on and could provide an advice as to whether this fits like a slim cut? Thanks.
Which stores have good in-house tailors for suits? Off the top of my head, the only place I could think of is Nordstrom, but their suits seem a little pricey. Do Men's wearhouse and JoS A. Bank have them? How are their services? Thanks!
bump! any help would be appreciated.
Appreciate the input. Anyone else?
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