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I'm a U.S. 9.5 D+ with high instep. 9 F in G&G as another reference point. 43 in U last is a perfect fit for me. But in the F last I take 42.5.
Tell Chris I said hi, and that I have some LL Agnelli Tweed that we need to do something with! Enjoy! Looking forward to more pics and details...
Dang!(No surprise though)
Dibs on the wiener dog ties if they don't make the final cut!
Nice inbound, gents!
Meanwhile, back to beautiful shoes:
G&G Warwick on MH71. Black hatch over black calf. Wensum soles for all weather travel.
Those look delicious! Can't wait to see them in person
I have one Moonbeam jacket, done up for me by Steed. Absolutely love it. Very soft and versatile. It was my go-to travel jacket this past fall/winter. No wrinkles at all, no pilling. And it got a ton of hard use. Seriously thinking of having another done up.
New Posts  All Forums: