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Maybe. Still not sure about the GG06 on an Arran. But either way, I'm not going to be much help getting the numbers this needs, as an F width guy...
I don't think I have ever seen an Arran in GG06.
No date sub at the beach today
Hatch grain Sinatra on TG73
Wearing these today...
Many thanks to Gabriel and the team at Sko. Now looking forward to Christmas in July (or whenever!)
MH71In for three as well
Got my black calf Arrans in under the wire!
No experience with the Calesonia, but I recently had a jacket made up in Moonbeam and will absolutely have another done at some point. It's my new favorite. Soft, warm, and you really can't seem to make it wrinkle. Great for travel.
Steed's house style has a fairly full drape cut, similar to what you would see in Slewfoot's pics. They do a have a drape cup option in their MTM (I just ordered one last week, with a DB waistcoat and full canvas option). Vox's jackets are generally done with less drape and more open quarters than their usual house style. That said, Edwin seemed pretty open to making just about any modification I asked about in MTM. (Fwiw, this was my first mtm with steed, and I am curious...
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