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Nice inbound, gents!
Meanwhile, back to beautiful shoes:
G&G Warwick on MH71. Black hatch over black calf. Wensum soles for all weather travel.
Those look delicious! Can't wait to see them in person
I have one Moonbeam jacket, done up for me by Steed. Absolutely love it. Very soft and versatile. It was my go-to travel jacket this past fall/winter. No wrinkles at all, no pilling. And it got a ton of hard use. Seriously thinking of having another done up.
Mine should be on its way soon. I ordered enough for a 3p, but still debating having it made up as DB instead. Also debating which tailor. Good problems to have, though!
I size down 1/2 from U to F. It feels to me that the half size difference fits me "heel to ball" the same. Even a half size larger, the U still has less toe room for me (but enough for my comfort- I find the U my best fit for my foot shape and high instep, but do have to size up by 1/2)
Maybe. Still not sure about the GG06 on an Arran. But either way, I'm not going to be much help getting the numbers this needs, as an F width guy...
I don't think I have ever seen an Arran in GG06.
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