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Interesting. They dropped G&G long ago. But now EG is gone from their site Nd the show G&G again on their Brands.
Maybe the Burnham GMTO?:-)
Had not thought about navy. That could be interesting.
82 last. Black suede had crossed my mind...
Was thinking black hatch over nightshade. But figured some of the more creative folks here might open my eyes to some other possibilities. I have black and Browns covered. But nightshade...
What shaft might pair well with nightshade on a Galway? Suggestions?
That would look pretty awesome
i have the EG Cardiff in Delapre. It's a very oily, fatty calf leather. It's quite soft and seems to have a little natural water resistance. I'm thinking of building up a boot this fall in Delapre or its hatch cousin Utah.
Those look awesome! Mine arrived as well. The wife sent me a pic of the box. And here I am out of town! Can't wait to get home and open it up!
New Posts  All Forums: