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Drove the wife's 981 Boxster S to Asheville last weekend. Was surprised to see it got almost 25 mpg! Driving around the mountain roads, not so much, but it sure was fun.
I'd also generally pass on a black derby, but otherwise that works for me! And...if there's two boots, you take first pick, but I'd be interested in the other. Deal?
9F £450 Any last Primarily looking for Rioja, browns (chestnut or darker), or black. :-)
It's no secret that I love Radiomirs
That works! I get in on the 15th.
Jermyn St store closed? Aw, crap! I'm headed back to London in a few weeks and actually have a little open time for once. Hitting up EG was number 1 on my to do list.
I should have elaborated on my comment. Passenger space in the Sport wasn't anything special, rear passenger space in particular. It is the rear storage space that I found surprisingly large. That car could haul a whole lot more than most people would think.
Great looking shoe Roger
Come across anything in a 9F?
My son just bought a new Mazda3. You won't forget it's a front wheel drive, but it's still a fun car and seems like a lot of car for the $$. Getting excellent reviews as well.
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