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Bravo! Those came out nice!
Tan Kudu looks great.
Harrison's Moonbeam is a fantastic cloth. I have a Moonbeam jacket being made up right now that should be finished in the next week or two, otherwise I would be all over this! Anyone on the fence needs to jump off today!
Crappy mobile pic of the new bal boots
Maiden voyage of the new St Crispins bal boots. Suit by Despos.
I have. It's a blast to drive for a small suv. Great interior. Q5 sized (as you would expect since it's based on that) but somehow feels bigger. Completely different driving experience though and it has the Panamera derived interior, which I really like. I drove the turbo not the S so I can't speak for the S.
Is it doushey to wear a Ferrari co-branded watch if you don't drive one? I don't know, I've never been to the moon, but like to wear my Speedy moon watch, so...
Moo I've seen a few of the Ferrari watches by Panerai in the flesh. I really wanted to not like them, but they are really good looking.
It's an OEM strap from Blancpain that I picked up at the Tourbillon Boutique in Gustavia last year. Not sure who Swatch uses to make them but it is a real beauty.
Goes nice with EG gold Delapre, no?
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