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Love it. As a fellow F I'd be in if I hadn't just commissioned a single MTO Arran just a few weeks ago.
Dox sox (With Carmina buffalo)
Would love to get in on that kudu but for me the Thorpe would overlap too much with my EG Nevis.
Me too
All my EG are 8.5E and on 202 or 606 so that's my point of reference. I find (for me) all G&G lasts feel shorter (heel to ball) and so I wear a 9 across all lasts.Comparing EG8.5E to G&G 9E, I find G&G to be a little more snug all around. With my higher instep and slightly wide ball, I fit an F width best. There seems to be a little less toe volume vs 202/606 as well but that has not been a problem for me. In fact my E width G&G TG73 has plenty of toe space for me, despite...
ZapI am also a 8.5E on 606 last. I have a high instep and am slightly wide at the ball, so keep that in mind. I wear a 9F in MH 71 shoes and boots. Have tried 9.5E but those were too loose for my preference. Again, that's what works for my foot shape, ymmv
I was interested in the Fox LL RAF flannel but ended up with the Minnis as the weight worked better for me here in the South. To your point it is a darker shade of RAF blue.
I'll wear some next week and post them!
I work in a fairly conservative industry and wear AF blue suits in summer and RAF blue grey flannel in fall and winter. RAF blue may be my favorite suiting color in fact. Steed did up a new RAF flannel suit for me earlier this year that I am looking forward to wearing as soon as the weather cools down just a little more around here.
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