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14821 Is that the blue with black?
Just dropped off the cloth and detailed what I wanted. As usual, Chris provided some good advice to help me avoid a few mistakes. And found about a dozen more things for my wish list! Fittings won't be for a couple months. Thinking May.
I saw an Agnelli POW jacket hanging in his Chicago workroom today. Yours maybe?
20th-22nd. Hoping to see Chris and drop off my LL ultimate blazer cloth and Agnelli Tweed afternoon of the 20th.Blazer is pretty straightforward. I'm all over the place on the Agnelli Tweed. I'm sure Chris will set me straight once he sees the cloth though.
Flight to Chicago booked.
Have some LL fabrics I have been sitting on for a while and (finally) plan to have Chris build up. Thanks for the inspiration Newcomer
MH71 ftw
Have you reached out directly to Michael about the bluegrey barleycorn? I recall he posted in LL not too long ago that he had some he wanted to let go of (thought about getting it myself, as I really wanted a jacket length of it before and had been kicking myself for not subscribing).
I size up one half size on all G&G lasts from EG 606 as well. For me 606 size 8.5 = any G&G 9.0
Same here. Used to have no interest in them. I now have three Arrans- suede, black calf, and kudu
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