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Have you reached out directly to Michael about the bluegrey barleycorn? I recall he posted in LL not too long ago that he had some he wanted to let go of (thought about getting it myself, as I really wanted a jacket length of it before and had been kicking myself for not subscribing).
I size up one half size on all G&G lasts from EG 606 as well. For me 606 size 8.5 = any G&G 9.0
Same here. Used to have no interest in them. I now have three Arrans- suede, black calf, and kudu
Please, this is a forum for gentlemen. Kindly take your catfight to the private message board.
I felt the louvre last fit a little small overall (did not try other lasts) but with half size up accommodated my high instep and wide-ish ball very well. I size up to F width in G&G for example. Toe box is narrow for sure though (not a problem for me but could be for some though no one on here has mentioned a problem with yet)
Quick shout out to the guys at Cobbler Union. I was at Ponce City Market here in Atlanta and discovered they had just opened up a storefront there. Owners Daniel and Steven both spent a lot of time with me discussing fit, their various lasts etc. they are very passionate about what they are doing. I had been curious about CU since first seeing this thread pop up a couple of years ago, and it was nice to see and touch their shoes in person. Most of my shoes are G&G or Vass...
Murl Wow wow wow
That's the Agnelli Flannel. This one is the gray with blue windowpane. It would make a great SC. I have 4.5M. If I go 3P SB with horn buttons, I could wear the jacket on its own. But it would be gorgeous as DB... I'll figure it out. No wrong answer!
I'm all over the board with the Agnelli Tweed. One day I'm thinking double breasted, the next I'm thinking single button with DB waistcoat... Meanwhile I'm digging the weird mix of English and Italian styling cues on the MTM Tom Ford notch lapel Windsor model
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