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Great shoes Eddie! Congrats!
I know! Amazing, isn't it? Proves the value in buying quality shoes.
Thanks! For pricing please check with Skoab. I have not resoled them before at a local cobbler, I prefer to have EG do all the maintenance on my EG shoes.
Had my >7 years old Lichfield's refurbished by EG through Skoaktiebolaget, and must say they came out even better than expected. Sorry, no recent before pictures, but let's just say EG did an amazing job These shoes have been used a lot, and in some tough conditions as well... Original colour is Burnt Pine, but they have darkened over the years.
Thanks. Yes, a modified classic last.
Thanks guys! I'm very satisfied with how they came out!
Received these yesterday
I agree but personally find EG Burnt Pine to be one of the most versatile colors, together with Dark Oak. Burnt Pine develops a beautiful patina over time and (for me) darkens quite a bit.
Antonio and Taka sure are true gentlemen! Did you order anything?
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