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Great suit Gaz! Congrats! Anything else on order from him?
I hope he will, his tie selection is great! Did you order anything with him?
This one looks great! Do you know the weight of the fabric?
I guess you mean Porter & Harding Glorious Twelfth
The Galway on 202 from Leffot seems to be from 2009. EG has since restricted their MTO policy so you can only choose certain lasts for each model.
One of the best photos ever on SF!
Thanks!Also on 82 as MTO.
Thank you both!You need two: double and single monks.Thank YOU And I won't tell anyone they're my new fishing shoes Thanks! That's actually exactly what I wanted to achieve. JL William does not fit me well, so I wanted a similar one made by EG. I was not sure how it would come out, but it's better than I could imagine!
Picked up my latest MTO from @Skoaktiebolaget today: EG Westminster in Mahogany Country Calf, 82 last, double leather sole, 360 welt. Service from Skoab was excellent as usual! [[SPOILER]]
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