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That's me on the picture These pants are 20cm wide at the bottom (uncuffed), and are fairly tapered. I basically said I wanted slim fitting trousers, they gave suggestions and this is what came out of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bsquared Interesting comments,thanks. I have this problem on trousers with 2 inch cuffs, so I do not think cuffs alone will solve the problem. +1. As much as I like OTC socks, I tend to avoid them because they stick. I have this problem both with wool and cotton socks, and on cuffed pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Upyu Thanks all, for the informative replies! Rach: Do you have any other suggestions you might add?? Gusvs: Offhand do you know how much they charge for alterations (waist suppression, slight shoulder alteration etc)? Sorry I don't remember. They are not the cheapest though, but very good. Men's Ex had a special a couple of months ago on alterations, and Rrozestt seemed to be in their top 5 as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Upyu Great! I'm in the Mejiro area off of the Yamanote, so pretty much any area along that line would be extra convenient. I don't need the alterations done super fast, and I was thinking of spending 20,000 at most :-p (Sorry I've only ever had a suit made from scratch, so I have no idea how much alterations cost) Thanks so much for the input btw, it's much appreciated! I recommend Rrozestt in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober My compliments to your wife. She is talented and made a nice choice of prints. Thanks David. The "how-to" guide on your webpage was a great help!
^ Looking very nice! Congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialexecutive Beautiful shirt. Which fabric is it made from? Thank you. I do not know exactly, it was from a "Finamore special" book, but I think it is Carlo Riva.
Quote: Originally Posted by 630 So I drew a little bit of inspiration from this thread and picked up a couple of different gingham fabrics from Walmart for my girlfriend and I to try the same thing. What kind of process/stitch did she use? She basically just looked at my other pocket squares, and also at this guide from Sam Hober:
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Is the first one a Liberty of London print? Regardless, very nice, all of them. Thanks everyone for your compliments, they make my wife very happy! Yes, they are all Liberty of London prints, as a matter of fact.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS +1 I'd love to see a close-up of the needlework. What kind of thread did she use? Some close-ups of the second one she made. The thread is a simple cotton thread from IKEA.
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