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Thanks for the reply. I guess the Angora (20%) is mixed in to add softness?
I checked out Harrisons Moonbeam today, it seems very nice. Does anyone have experience with it? http://www.harrisonscloth.com/harrisons_moonbeam.html
Fay usually has some very nice (but pricey) items. I have a lightweight, waterproof jacket from this year's spring/summer collection. This one for autumn is rather nice as well: http://www.fay.it/web/index.htm#m_co...men/287&db=12&
Mungai makes some very nice ones, in both linen and cotton: http://www.mungai.com/ I have only bought them in stores, but it seems like you can order from their website as well (although the webshop layout is far from perfect!).
No one?
I am about to order a jacket in a fabric similar to this (not me in the picture). I am thinking to get a quarter lined jacket to use in fall, winter & spring (I like the softness of unlined jackets). Does anyone have any specific recommendations on fabric maker/book for a navy windowpane? My tailor has H&S, Harrisons, Drapers, Dormeuil and Edwin Woodhouse.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Just brush your suits, etc. after wearing. The softer side is the one with white bristles, which Kent recommends for use on cashmere. Mine is black on both sides: http://www.kentbrushes.com/shopexd.asp?id=51&catid=49 I cannot feel any difference in stiffness on the two sides either, and they both seem to be very tough on cloths.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cordovan I recently purchased one as well. Can anyone offer advice on how to properly use it? Niether side is clearly softer than the other. The bristles also appear to be too tough on my clothes although I haven't really used it much yet to adequetely tell (afraid to ruin some clothes). I believe I also read somewhere about brushing the insides of one's trousers. Is that correct or just my mistaken memory (should that be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd Ok, here are my thoughts: - first send a picture of your shoes. - then second a question: Is it important what kind of colour I like? Sorry, but I do not have all shoes where I'm at right now, so can't post pictures.
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