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Pulled the trigger on the Thorpe. MH71, Rustic Arran Grain, Double Dainite Sole (leather middles), storm welt, steel eyelets and speed-lacer hooks. Now I just have to wait 4-5 months Pics to follow.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers I know you asked Despos, not me, and I am not a tailor. However, Worsted Alsport and Peacock are differnt types of cloth. Worsted Alsport has a different feel and finish from Peacock's. Peacock will be fluffy and soft, whereas Worsted Alsport will be more like a roughed-up worsted. (non-worsted) Alsport is a thornproof, which tends not to have a super fluffy finish either. Over time, however, Alsport ends up quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos It is great cloth and tailors well. Thanks Despos. Would you say it is comparable in quality to Hardy's worsted Alsport for example?
http://www.hollandandsherry.com/page...2007/hs557.htm Has anyone made anything from this bunch? How is the quality? I have my eyes on a beautiful blue houndstooth with a beige windowpane (826016) for a jacket, but I am a bit hesitant since it does feel a little bit soft and flimsy.
Thanks everyone for your input. Now I just have to decide Quote: Originally Posted by iyorito Come to the trunk show this weekend at the Pen! We could tell you A LOT about the skin stitching! Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling will be present to care for your requirements. Sunday, 8 February 1000h-1900h Monday, 9 February 1000h-1200N The Peninsula Tokyo 1-8-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan For an appointment, please contact me at...
Suits for me.
I am thinking about getting a country boot for weekend walks - colour Almond Country Calf and with a Dainite sole. However, I am torn between the G&G Thorpe and the EG Nevis. I have a few EG's already and I am very happy with the quality and fit. I have no experience with G&G shoes other than trying them on in stores (they seem to fit me just as well as EG), and have never seen the Thorpe IRL, but from pictures the Thorpe looks very sleek and I basically prefer the look...
That's me on the picture These pants are 20cm wide at the bottom (uncuffed), and are fairly tapered. I basically said I wanted slim fitting trousers, they gave suggestions and this is what came out of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bsquared Interesting comments,thanks. I have this problem on trousers with 2 inch cuffs, so I do not think cuffs alone will solve the problem. +1. As much as I like OTC socks, I tend to avoid them because they stick. I have this problem both with wool and cotton socks, and on cuffed pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Upyu Thanks all, for the informative replies! Rach: Do you have any other suggestions you might add?? Gusvs: Offhand do you know how much they charge for alterations (waist suppression, slight shoulder alteration etc)? Sorry I don't remember. They are not the cheapest though, but very good. Men's Ex had a special a couple of months ago on alterations, and Rrozestt seemed to be in their top 5 as well.
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