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Quote: Originally Posted by nakky did these a few months ago abit of a pain, but not too bad once you get going. Very well done! Any more pictures?
Quote: Originally Posted by Miguel Alvarez pics of my latest acquisition Very nice, congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Those look nice. How's the fit/sizing on them? Price? They are slim fit, I sized up one size for a more relaxed fit. I paid 3990 JPY (about 40 USD).
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger Beautiful! More info and pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by Miguel Alvarez nice purchase gus. I must admit i'm not a big Rolex fan, but when i walked passed my AD saturday the 16622 and 16570 tempted me. Walked out with a Reverso GD though. Failed the " no purchase club, march" thing. Up until 3 months ago I always said I would NEVER by a Rolex - then someone on here recommended the SD, I looked closely at it, and here I am...... I am extremely happy with it, it's clean,...
Also posted in Recent Purchases thread... My new Sea-Dweller ref.16600
Came home with this (hmm, what could it be in the grey bag?): First, a pair of UNIQLO white jeans as per PG's recommendation: Next, a couple of magazines... how come they are watch magazines? Does that label say "16600"? I believe it does!
Pulled the trigger on the Thorpe. MH71, Rustic Arran Grain, Double Dainite Sole (leather middles), storm welt, steel eyelets and speed-lacer hooks. Now I just have to wait 4-5 months Pics to follow.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers I know you asked Despos, not me, and I am not a tailor. However, Worsted Alsport and Peacock are differnt types of cloth. Worsted Alsport has a different feel and finish from Peacock's. Peacock will be fluffy and soft, whereas Worsted Alsport will be more like a roughed-up worsted. (non-worsted) Alsport is a thornproof, which tends not to have a super fluffy finish either. Over time, however, Alsport ends up quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos It is great cloth and tailors well. Thanks Despos. Would you say it is comparable in quality to Hardy's worsted Alsport for example?
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