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Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny Care to elaborate? - on the shoe quality, and the experience.. They do look tempting although yours are a particularly nice example. Some SC look a bit stylistically out-there to me I just find the finishing to be a bit more refined. Can't comment on the leather quality yet.
I have both EG and GG and must say I find them equal in terms of quality. Recently I went this way though, and doubt I will ever go back to EG/GG: Definitely a step up!
I just wanted to inform everyone in Scandinavia that Mina will be back in Stockholm on Saturday Mar 19th. If you are interested, send me a pm. Pics from fitting my to follow!
Exactly the same thing happened to my #8 longwings after wearing them just a few times. I bought them from Tassels in Hong Kong and e-mailed them about the problem a few weeks ago, but have not received any reply yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy Congratulation on your first pair of Saint Crispins, some how I don't think they'll be your last pair. Thanks & I am afraid you are right.
Quote: Originally Posted by LynahFaithful The real name of the last pictured above, is "chiseled." This is exactly what I specified in my order. Anyhow, I am extremely satisfied with how they came out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Medtech and NSM are killing it! Really awesome... most attractive Italian garments that I have seen on this board. +1000! Can't wait for my first fitting in March!
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Nice. Jacket or suit? Jacket. Not mature enough yet to go the suit route in a donegal
Quote: Originally Posted by LanceW This is fantastic. Any details available? Hardy's worsted Alsport, 13oz.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Blue Donegal is P&H? Yes indeed.
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