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Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS @ zbromer - whole thing looks great, including the shoes (IMO.) +1, looks fantastic. In fact, so good I ordered a suit's length of 0520 just now which will be sent to Mina as soon as it arrives!
EG (I'm biased though with two pairs of Inverness myself). However, I'm not sure it would look as good on the 202.
Manton, did you get this made up yet? Any chance of some pictures? Thanks!
I would also be very interested to see something made up in this fabric, it seems to be an intereting shade of blue.
Did anyone try these trees from Saphir? The description says they are light and suited for travelling.,545
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Very nice shoes, thats a great color. You should probably have posted in the shoe damage thread instead of starting a new one, but nice shoes nonetheless. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE My EG Midforts after a year and a month of wear. Still constitutes p0rn, no? Very nice! Except for the soles, they look brand new!
Quote: Originally Posted by CrackedCrab gusvs your SC 522's are beautiful, enjoy them. Here is a pic of my 522s in shell cordovan in the wild. I had a great experience ordering with Philip Carr also, what a gentleman. [[SPOILER]] Thanks. Your pair looks very nice too!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx -Impressive collection Quote: Originally Posted by NORE Noice! Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ #WINNING Thanks guys!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Pink I'd love to see some more pictures of that St. Crispin mod. 522.
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