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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Minnis 0520 is now the Official Style Forum Fabric. We should have Style Forum discount on it
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Any particular reasons why you chose what you did? I am really into Air Force blue right now, and the very fine examples from Slewfoot ( and Zbromer ( really made go for Minnis.
Time to join the forces! One summer AF blue and one for winter. The finalists: And the winners are: The Fresco is being shipped to Naples (NSM) today
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat Received some Lesser and Moonbeam today, will pass to Mina next week. Both look fantastic! Which Lesser is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex The jacket looks good, is that NSM? Thanks. No, not NSM, this was made by a tailor in Japan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer Yeah I read that thread and read about the stretching, hence my fears of making it up into a pair of pants. I would not make pants in Moonbeam.
36507 in the wild:
Quote: Originally Posted by theyare Had all my EGs out tonight - trying to come up with the color for my next acquisition. I'm looking to get a punch cap/ adelaide (Lichfield, Canterbury, Midfort)Would like a warm brown, but not too dark. Right now thinking burnt pine (same as the Dovers below), any other suggestions? [[SPOILER]] Very nice collection of EG's! How about something in suede next?
Quote: Originally Posted by NickPollica Hi Mina - when in May will you be in Stockholm? Hi, May 28th. PM me for more info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido A navy Panama was sighted I may have sinned today.. Certainly can't be worse than me not buttoning up my BDs or commissioning a 1B SB BlazerSuit Loro Piana "The Wave" cloth..
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