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First batch from NSM:
Thanks everyone. Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Nice. Pants look a little slim from the front, but it probably looks a-OK from the side. Just out of curiousity, what is the height of the shirt collar band at the front and back? Yes, the pants are not as slim from the side. Shirt collar is almost 3cm at the front and 4cm at the back.
Back to topic. My first commissions from NSM were delivered during Mina's and Dino's visit to Stockholm a week ago: Fit pics (ignore trouser cuffs as they got stuck): I am extremely satisfied with the results, both jackets and trousers are amazing. In the works now are a fresco suit, a cotton suit, a flannel suit and odd trousers
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton This looks great Manton! Cloth details?
Fray, Ascot Chang, Charvet. I for one do not like Finamore, I had lots of issues with mine (excessive shrinkage, buttons coming loose etc.).
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e What is the address of Napoli Su Misura in Naples? Send an e-mail to Mina first to make sure she is in Naples that week, and to book a time:
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Aha, missed that, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by banis No, there is no selvedge on the cloth that I got. They are all quite nice and it is quite difficult not to order a length. The all look great! Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by ville_e If I was to visit one shirt maker which would be the one? Best value for money and quality of fabrics. I have used Matuozzo before but am now giving Mina a try. The first fitting in March was very promising, will see in May when I get them.
Go see Mina at Napoli Su Misura and then you can have your fitting when she comes to Stockholm end of May
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