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Depends on which lasts you compare. StC use UK sizing, they have a conversion table on their website: http://www.saint-crispins.com/download_six.html
Well, I hope not. My other StC's have the same (just checked), nothing I ever noticed as uncomfortable in any way. It does not feel like it forces inversion at all.
+1, totally agree. Great looking shoes by the way. I guess it is the classic last they used when adjusting for your foot?
Thanks guys!No (at least I did not ask for it). But they feel great!
Cross-post from the St. Crispin's thread:
Thanks. The medallion is the standard one for model 316.
My StC:
September 17th.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Gotcha, thanks. Btw, when you next speak with Mina, please tell her to make a quick stop in Copenhagen You're more than welcome to see her in Stockholm Next time is in Sep.
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