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Cross-post from the Liverano thread: Picked up five bespoke shirts last Friday. Top three are G&R, bottom two Riva:
Thanks guys!Yes, I am very satisfied with the collar.
Had my second fitting Friday in Florence. Also picked up five shirts: Top three are G&R, bottom two Riva:
I am about to commission my first bespoke overcoat from Napolisumisura. The styling will basically be very similar to Taka's Liverano coat (as worn by Alan from the Armoury below): Now to the fabric. I have decided to go for a medium grey herringbone fabric, and have narrowed down the selections to Harrisons (600 gr), W Bill (635 gr) and Dugdale nr 6305 (760 gr). Dugdale nr 6305: I like Harrison's...
I will not make it any longer than the house style. I believe Antonio cuts most garments himself.
Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the next fitting in a month.
Ordered my first Liverano last week; Harris tweed jacket, flannel pants and some shirts. Fabric: First fitting: Beautiful scarves on display: Taka-san:
Eddie, thanks for the pics and congrats on the great looking DB!/Gustaf
Thanks! Looking forward to see your MTO's!
Most certainly!
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