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I am about to commission my first bespoke overcoat from Napolisumisura. The styling will basically be very similar to Taka's Liverano coat (as worn by Alan from the Armoury below): Now to the fabric. I have decided to go for a medium grey herringbone fabric, and have narrowed down the selections to Harrisons (600 gr), W Bill (635 gr) and Dugdale nr 6305 (760 gr). Dugdale nr 6305: http://www.dugdalebros.com/Our-Ranges/Coatings-Bunch-138/ I like Harrison's...
I will not make it any longer than the house style. I believe Antonio cuts most garments himself.
Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the next fitting in a month.
Ordered my first Liverano last week; Harris tweed jacket, flannel pants and some shirts. Fabric: First fitting: Beautiful scarves on display: Taka-san:
Eddie, thanks for the pics and congrats on the great looking DB!/Gustaf
Thanks! Looking forward to see your MTO's!
Most certainly!
Not sure about their default, but my softest collars from NSM are quite different from Matuozzo.
They used to have Riva, but stopped after Riva's price increase last year.
I have plenty of shirts from both NSM and Matuozzo, as well as other Neapolitan makers (Finamore, Borrelli etc.). Matuozzo is by far the best in terms of fit, fabric selection and craftmanship. However, for the price I think NSM are hard to beat. The problem for me with NSM shirts is that they lack some of the best fabrics (Riva, Anderson etc.) and that I cannot get the same soft collars as with Matuozzo. I buy from both Matuozzo and NSM and will probably continue to do...
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