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Well, I was kind of hoping people from other parts of Scandinavia would be interested also...
I have discussed with Antonio and Taka about doing a Liverano trunk show here in Stockholm. Pricing starts at EUR 4.500 for a bespoke two-piece suit. Anyone interested please indicate here or via PM. Thanks.
Unfortunately she does not carry Riva or G&R...
Yes, it's very Neapolitan in terms of construction (obviously, since they are made there).Fit is great, not as slim as Mina's, but I asked them to make them "Liverano style".
Correct, first thing I noticed myself also
Cross-post from the Liverano thread: Picked up five bespoke shirts last Friday. Top three are G&R, bottom two Riva:
Thanks guys!Yes, I am very satisfied with the collar.
Had my second fitting Friday in Florence. Also picked up five shirts: Top three are G&R, bottom two Riva:
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