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For everyone in Scandinavia: Mina and Dino will be back in Stockholm Apr. 20th, at Best Western Time Hotel. Contact them directly for an appointment or PM me. /Gustaf
I'll be there on the Saturday most likely.
For everyone in Scandinavia interested in Saint Crispin's: A trunkshow (together with Meermin) in Stockholm is confirmed on Friday and Saturday, May 3 + 4, 2013 Location: Bizapartment Gärdet Sehlstedtsgatan 4 115 28 Stockholm Event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/141921235983218/ For appointments please contact Phillip Car. /Gustaf
Great! Looking forward to check them out as soon as you have them in store!
Thanks! There might be some stuff from Mina or Anna...
Thanks for the report and pics! I have quite a few shirts from Anna and they are by far exceeding any other shirt I have in terms of quality and fit. Nowadays I order over e-mail. Anna and Simona are great to deal with.
Next visit middle of April. Dino will confirm exact dates soon./G
1500 EUR + fabric (about 300 EUR for standard cloth).
Well we do have NSM coming 3-4 times per year, which is very good value for the money. PM me for more info if needed.
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