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+1, never had an issue at all with StC.
Ok, then probably Andrea's makes those scarves too, interesting.Sorry, don't know the name of the maker of the shirts.
The shirts are not made by Borrelli, it's another maker they use.As for the scarfs: they have scarfs made by Andrea's1947 and then they have scarfs made by another maker, with their own designs (like the donut scarfs they had a couple of seasons ago).
No StC fixed it with an extra inlay sole, they fit ok now.
Top left pair is size 7,5 (my first pair, went half a size too large), the rest size 7, although on an adjusted last. I take the same size on classic and chiselled lasts.
Very nice.
I was expecting this from you Don't worry though, I have them, but they're EG...
My lineup: I need to get a pair of StC boots as well...
Good choice MrChris! How is the fit?
Beautiful shoes, congrats!
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