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Actually, I convinced them to start coming to Stockholm in 2010, and it has grown consistently since then.
Yes they do. Send them an e-mail, they always reply within 24 h.
I agree, classic last is the way to go.609B will be great on the 116!
Saint Crispin's trunkshow in Stockholm yesterday: I ordered a pair of chukkas (116) in chestnut brown calf (CRU603), will be ready beginning of July
Very good choices. NSM?
+1, great watch Eddie, congratulations!
Just got a reply from Vass saying they recently increased prices, so unfortunately the 520 EUR I was quoted is correct for standard range including VAT, shoe trees and toe tips.
Well, I asked for Old English Medallion on F last, with trees and rubber toe tip, and was quoted 520 EUR + shipping another 20 EUR. Still strange to me, unless the medallion adds a lot?
Strange, I was just quoted 520 EUR for a standard calf MTO with trees and rubber toe tips. When did you last buy yours?
Great to meet you there also! 3-4 times/year is about right!
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