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Cross-post from the St. Crispin's thread:
Thanks. The medallion is the standard one for model 316.
My StC:
September 17th.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan Gotcha, thanks. Btw, when you next speak with Mina, please tell her to make a quick stop in Copenhagen You're more than welcome to see her in Stockholm Next time is in Sep.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria East wall. One of three with shoe shelves. On this wall, top row? No gemming. Bottom row? With gemming and could explode any moment. No Aldens on this wall. They're on the North wall. - B Bill, that's an "EVERY FREAKIN SHOE AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET WARDROBE". Wonderful stuff!
Great jackets Bill. Looking forward to fit pics (after summer though, I guess).
Parker, very nice jackets! That tan Loro Piana is amazing! Quote: Originally Posted by Parker I have a few more things that I'll try to take some pictures of if anyone's interested. Yes please!
Very nice tie and pics NOBD! Thanks for sharing!
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