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Thanks guys! Both look very nice. Will contact John Lobb and see if I can MTO any of these.
Am I the only one having trouble finding a John Lobb model I like? I'm trying, because the 7000 last fits me very well and I find their leathers and craftsmanship fantastic, but I just can't find any model I like as much as the more classic EG models, for example. Please help me find a classic model quarter brogue oxford in the Prestige line (or which I can do MTO), similar to EG Canterbury or Asquith. The Philip II brogueing is not quite to my taste, it feels odd for some...
Tell me more! What do I win
First three on Chiseled, last two on Classic.
They look great!
5 suede (soon 6) - 13 calf - 1 shell
Did some suede care tonight. L-R: EG, Carmina, Saint Crispin's, Carmina, Alden
Thanks. The pants are actually not as short as they came out in these pictures, don't know what happened.
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