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Am I the only one having trouble finding a John Lobb model I like? I'm trying, because the 7000 last fits me very well and I find their leathers and craftsmanship fantastic, but I just can't find any model I like as much as the more classic EG models, for example. Please help me find a classic model quarter brogue oxford in the Prestige line (or which I can do MTO), similar to EG Canterbury or Asquith. The Philip II brogueing is not quite to my taste, it feels odd for some...
Tell me more! What do I win
First three on Chiseled, last two on Classic.
They look great!
5 suede (soon 6) - 13 calf - 1 shell
Did some suede care tonight. L-R: EG, Carmina, Saint Crispin's, Carmina, Alden
Thanks. The pants are actually not as short as they came out in these pictures, don't know what happened.
Not very lean. Actually, my NSMs are leaner, as strange as that may sound.
New Posts  All Forums: