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Far from enough...
Thanks everyone!Sorry but these bad boys will be the last ones I give away or even trade for that matter...
Thank you!I agree Thank you both! [[SPOILER]] Congratulations, they look great!
Thanks and yes to both questions.
That looks very good David! Moonbeam certainly is a favorite of mine - excellent fabric!
Everyone needs them Thanks! Well, they all get their wear time... no waste here.Thanks!
Autumn brings out the boots...
Had some time to do this today Open in new window for larger size pic. Back row L-R: Alden (Leydon), Alden (Barrie), Carmina (Uetam), Carmina (Simpson), C&J (337), C&J (337), EG (888), EG (888) Middle row L-R: EG (888), EG (888), EG (82), EG (808), EG (888), Santoni for Borrelli, StC (Chiselled), StC (Classic) Front row L-R: Vass (F), StC (Classic modified), StC (Classic modified), StC (Classic modified), EG (888), EG (888), EG (82), G&G (MH71) I know, I need loafers...
For the StC classic last I have found that sizing down 0.5 from EG 888 UK size is a perfect fit for me, meaning if you're UK8E on 888 I would go UK7.5F in StC (note that StC standard width is F, however for me sizing down to E with some last modifications has been best, but this is highly individual obviously).
Come to think of it, you are probably right!Was there any particular reason you went with shell, other than looks?
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