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The wholecuts look great (the ones on the platform picture above, right?). Do you think they fit more comfortably due to the fact that they are shell, which tends to give more?
Beautiful coat and fabric, congratulations!
Thanks Chris for your comments. The styling I actually prefer as it is. Taka's (Liverano) coat was my inspiration (http://cdn.styleforum.net/0/09/097225a4_505.jpeg), and although I knew it would not come close to his coat, I believe I have come as close as I can with NSM. I will make some minor adjustments, such as the belt in the back and possibly lengthen the coat a bit.Yes, the flaps came out at different angles, as well as (according to me) too low.
Thanks everyone!They will actually recut the whole front.
Correct, then I had a hard time finding the fabric I wanted... It will be finished (hopefully) when they come next in Oct.
Double breasted overcoat in 760 gr/25 Oz Dugdale fabric.Height of pockets will be adjusted and sleeves lengthened:
Thanks and like your picture too!
Thanks. One suit and one jacket + pants.Thank you!Agreed, the three-piece suits do look great. Unfortunately, they don't fit in my workplace.I don't think so, but I also did not ask. They have so many great fabrics on stock I have had no need to look elsewhere.
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