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Thanks. The pants are actually not as short as they came out in these pictures, don't know what happened.
Not very lean. Actually, my NSMs are leaner, as strange as that may sound.
Thanks everyone! I'm obviously very happy with how it came out.
A few fit pics (sorry for the poor picture quality, haven't had time for better pictures):
Don't know how long it normally takes. Correct, I had two fittings before picking up the finished garment, which is typical for the first commission. For my following orders, only one fitting will do.
Wow, looks great Eddie. When are you going back for the finished garment?
Here you go:
Thanks. For the first commission they normally have two fittings, and for consecutive commissions usually one will do. I had my measurements taken beginning of January, first fitting that same week and then next fitting in mid Feb. I don't know how quick they can make the whole process, for me it was depending on my Florence trip schedule.
Thanks! Will do my best to get some pictures taken soon.Thank you. The fabric is a Harris tweed they had in stock. It was rather old, but I will see if I can get more details from Taka and check whether it would still be available.Thank you!
X-post:Picked up my first jacket in Florence last week, as well as a couple of odd pants. Jacket fabric is a green-brownish Harris tweed. Ordered in January, fittings in Jan and Feb.Pants are in cream flannel and dark olive cotton. [[SPOILER]] Fit pics to follow later on once tweed season kicks in here in Sweden... not too far away I'm afraid...I also had fittings for a mid grey suit and a mid blue jacket.My impressions with Liverano:They are a true pleasure to work with,...
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