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Thanks Patrik!
Cross post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/344810/antonio-liverano-florentine-tailor/30#post_6599869 Harris tweed jacket from Liverano:
Will do!
Autumn is (finally) here in Sweden, and I got to wear my Liverano tweed again and took a new picture. Quarters are certainly very open (it is a major feature of the Liverano house cut after all), but it was my stance before makng the belt visible. This is more how it normally looks: But again, I don't have any problem with an exposed waistband or belt. In fact, I'm going back to Florence in October to pick up a couple of more Liveranos
+1, great looking shoes!
I actually looked into this yesterday myself and it seems the houndstooth being referred to is number 0656 from the Classic collection:https://hfwltd.com/shop/Products.aspx?id=32At least Steed refers to this one as a houndstooth flannel:https://twitter.com/SteedTailors/status/313710163074875392
Well, this is how it looks on me, and I don't have any problem with it, but to each his own of course:
Excellent classic collection!
I think it has been a few, the split toe is one of them:http://ethandesu.com/post/35822389345/split-toes-polished-saint-crispins-pret
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