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+1, great looking shoes!
I actually looked into this yesterday myself and it seems the houndstooth being referred to is number 0656 from the Classic collection:https://hfwltd.com/shop/Products.aspx?id=32At least Steed refers to this one as a houndstooth flannel:https://twitter.com/SteedTailors/status/313710163074875392
Well, this is how it looks on me, and I don't have any problem with it, but to each his own of course:
Excellent classic collection!
I think it has been a few, the split toe is one of them:http://ethandesu.com/post/35822389345/split-toes-polished-saint-crispins-pret
You're absolutely right. The upside, though, is that they are flexible to change design upon request (at a surcharge of course). One interesting thing: I spoke to Ethan of the Armoury a couple of weeks ago. Apparently they are having Koji Suzuki designing shoes for StC (a few of them already have appeared on the Armoury's blog) Best of two worlds!
Often if you ask me. I have had several mistakes on my MTOs. They usually correct them though. Anyway, the constant mistakes are what draws me away from EG to StC instead, where I have never had anything wrong, and always delivered earlier than promised. Nonetheless, I still think EG has some of the best looking shoes available (styles and lasts) and therefore will continue to buy them I'm afraid...
That looks really nice Eddie! The pants are fantastic!
Wow! Which side will you go with?
Very nice, congrats!
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