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MTO, 2 yrs ago.
+1, looks fantastic!
Just make sure you get the old Weymouth. EG first sent me the Weymouth II which looks more like a Chelsea (I only specified Weymouth in my order). I did not even know there was a Weymouth II and was rather surprised when I opened the box I had waited for for 6 months. They of course took them back and made me the old Weymouths, but I had to wait another 5 months...
For reference, my Weymouth's on 888:
Excellent, classic choices you will never get tired of. Congrats!
I've never seen this and to be honest I doubt they would make it if they were asked to.
Wow! Any specific plans on how to make up each one?
Jacket looks incredible, tchoy! Any chance of fit pics?
All great!
Very nice!
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