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Anyone else interested in the Alderley on 202 in Rosewood and Dainite? So far only me and Leaves I believe?
OK, thanks.
How about Saphir Lotion?http://www.hangerproject.com/saphir-leather-lotion.html
202 works for me as well.
Same here, but I prefer the 82 last (but not a deal breaker).
Very nice shoes in the best of shoe colours!
I may be in on Alderley as well, but would prefer Rosewood or Mahogany Country Calf on a single Dainite sole.
MTO, 2 yrs ago.
+1, looks fantastic!
Just make sure you get the old Weymouth. EG first sent me the Weymouth II which looks more like a Chelsea (I only specified Weymouth in my order). I did not even know there was a Weymouth II and was rather surprised when I opened the box I had waited for for 6 months. They of course took them back and made me the old Weymouths, but I had to wait another 5 months...
New Posts  All Forums: