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Thanks everyone!They will actually recut the whole front.
Correct, then I had a hard time finding the fabric I wanted... It will be finished (hopefully) when they come next in Oct.
Double breasted overcoat in 760 gr/25 Oz Dugdale fabric.Height of pockets will be adjusted and sleeves lengthened:
Thanks and like your picture too!
Thanks. One suit and one jacket + pants.Thank you!Agreed, the three-piece suits do look great. Unfortunately, they don't fit in my workplace.I don't think so, but I also did not ask. They have so many great fabrics on stock I have had no need to look elsewhere.
Thanks Patrik!
Cross post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/344810/antonio-liverano-florentine-tailor/30#post_6599869 Harris tweed jacket from Liverano:
Will do!
Autumn is (finally) here in Sweden, and I got to wear my Liverano tweed again and took a new picture. Quarters are certainly very open (it is a major feature of the Liverano house cut after all), but it was my stance before makng the belt visible. This is more how it normally looks: But again, I don't have any problem with an exposed waistband or belt. In fact, I'm going back to Florence in October to pick up a couple of more Liveranos
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