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Thanks Derek!
No worries!Well, Corcos is clearly a different cut, which is why I use (and appreciate) both.
Thanks @dieworkwear However, the first example is actually not Liverano, it is Sartoria Corcos. The blue suit is Liverano though.
Great! You will not be disappointed I believe!
@CharlieWhite I just got back from Florence and fittings with Corcos. He told me he will not be accepting any new customers for now, but as others said you should check with him directly. If that is the case though, you should blame @Leaves for occupying 80-90% of Kotaro's life right now
Yep!Thanks everyone!Not sure if it's visible on the pictures, but I asked for the welt to be trimmed close (sole is Dainite), to make the shoe more of an "office autumn shoe". I'm very happy with how they came out.
Yes they have! Got mine with my MTO Ullswaters the other day
To be honest I have not used them a lot yet, I received them during spring... They will get a lot of wear come autumn!
Thank you my friend, will stop by next week
These puppies mine? @leaves
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