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I recently lost about 30 pounds so these items no longer fit. Everything is in very good condition. The raw indigo APC New Standards have probably seen the most wear but have plenty of life left. Both pairs of jeans are unwashed. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them. APC NS size 32 INDIGO $100 APC NS size 32 BLACK DENIM $100 Will sell both pairs of APCs for $180. Dockers Original Slim Fit Alpha Chino New British Khaki size 34x32 $30 Dockers...
Pretty happy about these. Last pair in my size at Dick's, I had no idea they carried that caliber of nike. They also had the new tech pack hoodie and the flash pack jackets.
That looks like the same/similar "free" sole that they put on the nike free dunks...let just say it's hardly free. Also, I feel like the rosche sole is what defines their silhouette but obviously other color ways and on foot will be a true testament.
I actually saw those at Dicks today. They were in the middle of stocking and moving the nike stuff around. I believe they just got them in.
I am interested in those as well, would you say those are sized up? They do not look like tights.
Woke up to a restock. Ordered heather gray pants for myself and a Christmas gift. Good day.
Why no dark sea crew neck! And no pants restock!
I have XL tech pants in heather black that are becoming increasing oversized on me as I continue to loose weight. Anyone interested in trading a large?
Picked up a Windrunner at rack on clearance. Idk what season it's from but I got it to pair with the black tech pack sweats. [IMG Pattern detail.
Sweats came today order a large in the crew neck and an XL in the pants. I agree with the size up recommendation. The nike town employe recommended the same. For reference I'm 6'2" 195 lbs. They rock period. Both are a steal for the price.
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