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Echo of a question from a little upthread: any chance of the cornflower blue flora pocket square coming back to life? I bought it, loved it, and then gave it as a gift to a friend who wore it for his wedding. I already want it back
This. About the ties. Especially the grenadine.I think the blue jacket is good, but with the checks on the jacket and the stripes on the shirt, I'd avoid any more patterns in the tie. If you have a solid navy tie with texture, that's the winning look right there, imo.
Thanks guys, especially threadbarer and master-classter for the photo posts. I am definitely down with the grenadines, and I now have a couple of knits (square-bottomed) that I wanted to try to work in, but I was figuring that it was more a sportcoat and jeans look. It's nice to see it paired in a somewhat dressier look. Also, yes, I am now subscribed to the WAYWRN threads, but it's definitely hard to keep up.
Can you teach me how to rock a knit tie? At first, I didn't quite understand the knit tie thing, I always figured the patterned/striped tie was king. But now I'm starting to feel the knit tie love growing. Can you teach me how to work it well? I get that it's more a casual piece, which works because I'm a casual guy (grad student). I just could use some advice and inspiration images to get me on my way. How do you gentlemen incorporate them into your outfits? Help...
Just received a lovely pair of pocket squares from acecow, the end to a great buying experience.
Just received my two squares (blue gingham and brush strokes silk), and they are beautiful! Great seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi It's >25 years old... noob question here, but how can you tell the age? Is it something about the label?
You'll definitely have more interest if you list the measurements of the jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS Im wearing my navy sportcoat with white MOP buttons today as a matter of fact. Mine all have white stitching except the bottom sleeve button on both sleeves...I had that done in navy. Im on the fence on that choice...sometimes I think its a nice subtle touch, sometimes I have it. I think that's a very nice touch. To the OP, unless you want to steal the above idea, I'll add in a vote for navy.
God, that thing is beautiful, congrats rsuhandy!
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