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That brown Macclesfield tie at the bottom of the first picture looks fantastic. Too bad it does not seem to be available anymore. Would look great with a navy suit.
Nice. Is the brown one on the lower right the Macclesfield 135?
Anyone else have any experience/views on whether a fresco mixed with 30% mohair (like the Minnis 0577) wears warmer than an all fresco fabric?
^ Thanks. Too bad that none of the all frescos come in the same mid-blue color as the 0577. I suppose I will go for the 0520, even though I would have loved it to be of a somewhat lighter hue.
Been searching this thread for views on the above mentioned fabric - ie Minnis Fresco 0577, which is a mix with 30% mohair. Does anybody have any experience on whether this wears warmer or as cool compared to other fresco fabrics?
I have tried to speak to UPS, but I just got fed up with being connected to an endless number of people where none could even remotely explain the basis for this charge. I simply don't have the time or the energy to fight this, so I bit the bullet and paid up. Depending on how Meermin will handle this, I'll decide on whether I will consider making future orders or not.
I got a very unpleasant surprise from UPS on my latest order. Whilst the US duty import rate is about 8%, UPS now request me to pay a brokerage fee which represents a whopping 43% add-on to what I have already paid Meermin for the shoes. So for an order of $424, I will now have to pay an additional $180 (of which only about $40 is US duty fees). Just to be clear, this add-on does not include the €35 shipping fee that I paid when I initially made my order on the Meermin...
Haha. Im not sure, but I think my legs have a pretty normal shape, so perhaps my stance is a bit odd Im not unhappy with the length of the trousers, as I prefer minimum break. All opinions and personal taste of course. Agree about the rear part.
I probably was a bit too hands-off, as I really liked what I had seen from them before. I mentioned some of the points at the second meeting, but was told I should wear it for a while to decide on any changes for the third fitting.
I agree. I wanted to show about half an inch of shirt cuff or so. Hopefully it can be fixed.
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