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Hey guys. I have a new with tags never worn out SS 16 BDU Pants in broken grey chambray. It is a slim fit with cargo pockets and has draw strings on the waist and leg opening for cinching. It is a size small. I say the waist is somewhere between a 31-32 inches. It is a little too slim for my taste and think would be better if I went for a looser fit. I should've gotten a medium. Original price from nepenthes is $336. I am offering them for $200 with shipping & postal...
Hey - I just wanna attest to the quality of this shirt. Wearing it right now in fact. Awesome fabric, fancy buttons, and solid fit (similar to BoO and Gitman). Definitely one of my favorites. If I didn't have the same exact one I would've probably picked it up. If the measurements work out I say go for it, Hans.
Thanks for the feedback guys.
Hey guys. Just a little curious ... What sizes are you guys in regular sneakers and shoes? I wear 8 D in most shoes and 8.5 in sneakers. So I guess a 41 in Common Projects should work for me but I think I read somewhere on SF that they run about a half size bigger. What are your opinions? By the way, great selections of sneakers. If I could I would jump the gun on all of them.
Hey, I'm also interested. Please get back to me if things don't work out with Jon-e.
Hey I just recently signed up to StyleForum so I couldn't send a private message. I have two XS Wool sweaters from Uniqlo that I been meaning to get rid of. I got them last year around November or December. They are navy blue and turquoise.
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