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Quote: Originally Posted by gabocow I was considering buying a "saxxon wool" sportcoat at BB since it's the F&F sale going on right now. I can wait until the summer sale, but do the discounts during summer on sportcoats go lower than 25% off? I know the suits can go for more. I remember 30% off last year. I wouldn't be surprised if the sport coats are similarly discounted. I would be tempted to buy now for the peace of mind. BB regularly...
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl You guys need to see Gasland. Hydraulic Fracking is a major problem... Been wanting to see this for a while. Pretty sure 60 Minutes did a segment on fracking a few weeks ago.
I have two Brooks Brothers suits, and two sport coats. All Fitzgerald cut, except one Milano coat. I know that these are their "slimmer" cuts, but Regent is supposedly trim as well. Anybody know where Regent fits in the spectrum? Is it just the "traditional" analog (with Madison being "relaxed")?
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