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Quote: Originally Posted by djlukin The only problem is.. money is definitely a limiting factor for me. Fit is very important, but quality is not overly important considering that I will only be wearing them a few times per year. Aren't the 346 suits made in a single cut? I don't remember seeing any options in terms of fit the last time I went to a factory outlet.
Quote: Originally Posted by BaronVonBishop White wingtips/bucks with a navy suit... to a wedding? I can't visualize this working.
Quote: Originally Posted by rk1193 Does anyone know the specific date or approximate time period of the Brooks Brothers semi-annual sale? I start working full-time in July and need to stock up on BB attire asap. Thanks! When I asked this weekend, I was told the week before Father's Day. But the sales associate seemed slightly unsure of herself. It's definitely June though.
Thanks for the info. I'll see what they have to offer during the semi-annual sale.
I would normally buy off the rack, but BB doesn't seem to keep many suits in my size. And if there are any, they're usually in a cut that's too large for my frame (Madison, Regent). I was told by a sales associate that I could use their MTM program and choose the fabrics I want in the cut I prefer (Milano). Does anybody have any experience doing this? The BB website leaves me with more questions than answers. Apparently the MTM clothing comes in "two levels of make,"...
Brooks Brothers has some on clearance. I have a pair each in the navy and slate. They're definitely slim.
I'm 6'4", around 175 lbs. Probably close to your friend's size. I really like the Fitz. The Milano, however, is a triumph. Very slim, form-fitting. Shame they don't keep many of my size in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin Some good tie shopping yesterday and today. Either the donor (I'm assuming all but the 2 Ferres and the Sulka came from the same guy) never wore these or was the most careful person on earth with his ties. They are all perfect and show no signs of ever having been knotted. The Sulka is one I posted about a week or so ago and am including just because I think the original store tag and price are interesting. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by GujuNilesh I am going to Jos A. Bank to buy a suit later on today and was wondering if you can give me tips on buying a proper suit. I personally like 3 button suits but I read somewhere that 3 button is usually for taller people. I am 5' 7" so I guess I should probably stick to a two-button suit? I'm 6'4" and slim. I'd like to think that I pull off the two-buttoned look pretty well. Three-button suits just have...
Can someone explain to me what "3/4 placket" means? I've also seen the numbers "3/2" thrown around in the context of suits. I'm new to this and can't think of the right terms to search for on google. Many thanks.
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