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Oh my. Free bump.
Quote: Originally Posted by arc Edit: Yeah, that search and replace is odd. Maybe it was a spam site or something? Anyway, discount shows up when you go to check out. I tested it earlier, but decided to pass on their dirty bucks. I feel like there are better price/value options out there, even with the 30% off. I had no luck with either code. Proceeded to checkout and price remained the same. Bummer. I'm curious about the other options...
^ No idea why "......0" was replaced with a bunch of periods.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc J&M has an additional 40% with shoes40 http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2995589 Might not be bad for a pair of dirty bucks or some summer suede shoes (and if you are in a hurry for an interview shoe or something, 40% off the Hyde Park II captoes isn't terrible for something that is available in all sizes to ship immediately). Weird. It's recognizing the code, but not applying the discount....
Quote: Originally Posted by scb I went to a local BB yesterday to specifically ask about pricing. the sales rep told me the MTM 1818 suits are $1000 and $1200 for Loro Piana wool was he wrong? I hope not. Seems low though. Many of the OTR suits retail for $1000.
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh what does the CBD in "CBD WAYWRN: An Experiment" stand for? Conservative Business Dress
Quote: Originally Posted by trunks206 Can anyone recommend me a nice navy cotton/chino suit? I have a wedding to go to in a about a month and a half and I was looking to wear something other than wool. (I've been scouting BS, but nothing for a 40R) BB has this navy cotton, Fitzgerald cut in your size. Narrow lapels, and above your price point at the moment, but assuming 30% off during the semi-annual sale, you could get it for around $420.
Right, the gap bothers me too. When I was trying on different models though, the SA said that it's not uncommon for there to be a slight gap in the heel. I wanted to believe him; his own Strands had a gap too. FWIW, the other Van Ness does not have the same problem. But what about the lacing? Could you wear your Strands like that and not be concerned that the fit might be off?
Are my shoes too large if the lacing brings the two eyestays completely together? I purchased my first real pair of shoes a few weeks ago. I went with the AE Strand, as sold by Brooks Brothers with the rubber sole. (BB had them for less at the time--$258 after taxes.) The SA placed the order over the phone without measuring my feet. I told him that I wore a 12D. That's how I was sized two years ago when I bought some Florsheims, when I was on a student's budget. Last...
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