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Quote: Originally Posted by jhva3 I went to the flagship today and literally everything I asked them for they told me to order online. Assuming they weren't clearance items, the SA should have done this for you, with free shipping...
I had a similar problem with a different shoe. AE suggested purchasing one of their Superfeet insoles. As for the lacing issue, they really improved the fit. They can be pretty comfortable, but I would recommend trying on their different models. They sell a full length and 3/4-length I believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith Brooks Brothers Milano is SF Approved. Do they sell the dress trousers in separates? I'm only seeing the Milano cut in the casual pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by UncleCozy Look at more fashion oriented brands for flat-front slim-fit pants. Such as?
Any recommended makers of slim, flat-front trousers? Bespoke might be the way to go with my frame, but I'm hoping for some luck with OTR.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint May I suggest (if you haven't already done this) visiting the store on off-hours when they have less traffic and more time Agreed. My experiences have always been better on weeknights, in the few hours just before closing.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Can it be combined with a corporate discount? (Guessing not, but you never know) Mine didn't work online. You could test your luck in the store; sometimes the SAs will give you a break.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfador Is this web only? My local store is closed Sundays. I'm pretty sure it's in the store, too. Just called and they said everything "on the floor" is 30% off. I.e., the sale doesn't apply to their MTM or Select programs. N.B. Complimentary shipping is still being offered online.
^ Thanks! I should be on their email list. Kinda disturbed I'm not getting any of these.
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