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Does anybody have details about the BB Friends and Family sale? I believe it starts tomorrow, but I don't know the code. Sorry--I'm sure this has already been posted somewhere; I'm just not having much luck with the search field.
I concur.Also, I vote for the plain-toe monks.
Hard to go wrong with brown and blue.Just thought I'd add two more examples of navy and denim done nicely, both from WAYWRN : [[SPOILER]]
Where can I get a pair of those?
When is the friends and family sale?
Ah, thanks for the heads up. I was hoping they would approximate the fit of the BB Milano.
Bump. I'm in the market for slim cut trousers. Has anyone had experience, positive or negative, with Valentini Sartoria? Alternatively, if you know of any other quality deals in this price point (approx. $180-200), I'd be happy to hear them. Thanks.
I don't understand why there's so much hate for the thin lapel. I think his look is balanced, clean, and streamlined.
Good to know, thanks!
Got a flyer in my recent order from Brooks Brothers -- 15% off regularly priced merchandise (excluding cordovan) Online promo code: FA111X Fine print says single use only, but it might work multiple times with different registered accounts. Expires September 4, 2011.
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