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If you happen to have a sz. 50-52 TOJ winter varsity for sale, pm me!
How warm are the winter varsities? I live in Finland and I expect atleast -25 degrees celsius, so if I decide to buy a toj winter varsity, will it keep me warm?
I don't think I want apc's for now, since at first I thought they're the best there is available for that cost, but apparently there's better solutions. So if anyone wants to suggest jeans for about 190 dollars (and preferably from a shop inside EU so I don't have to pay huge taxes). I was thinking of buying another pair of nudie jeans, they're cheaper than that yeah but are they worth it?
Well... The apc's (new standard size 34) didn't fiit good, the fit was too baggy below the knee which leads me to believe my feet are kind of carrot shaped. I actually have a pair of nudie jeans which were straight fit, but I had them tailored so now they're a slim fit and they're perfect, and I'd really like another pair of jeans like that. Does anyone have any ideas what kind of jeans fit me? If it would help I could give measurement on the nudie jeans to give a better...
Well I'm looking for more of a slim fit than a skinny fit, so what model should I go with & how much should I size down? Any other jeans suggestions are welcome too, I'm just buying apc's because everybody's saying they're awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Yes. How tight will they be then? Because I've tried some size 34 jeans on and I could barely move because they were so tight. Thinking of ordering petit standard jeans, will I even be able to make them stretch if I can't wear them properly? Just making sure since I don't want to waste any money and I'm a newbie when it comes to jeans.
I'm a size 36 in jeans, so if I order apc's should I buy size 34 since they stretch?
Since you removed the CP's from the thread, I'm assuming they're sold?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmaged 125 for CP's? seriously? someone cop.. Just did Sent money and waiting for the shipment to arrive! free bump at the same time, thanks for the trade!
PM'ed you about the CP's...
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