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The smell is definitely different.Dead people tend toward pungency; suburban Repubs still smell like money.
Yes.Inquiring minds want to know.
Marriage rule #1: If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
I'm fairly confident the dead people would be recognized and turned away from the voting booth.
I got really, really wasted one night with Buzz Aldrin. He is an unmitigated asshole.
Why wouldn't you?It is just like being a landlord, except for the fact that you have $ five figures $ non-refundable in your bank account.If they don't perform you can cancel the contract and re-sell the property.My father re-sold the same commercial property four or five times, each time pocketing about $20,000
Not exactly sure where you're going with this sock thing, but I intend to stay tuned.
I remember watching the Friendship 7 launch. My mom let me stay home from school.
I like this ^
New Posts  All Forums: