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Do we not roll out this thread to commemorate member birthdays anymore? I'm surprised no one's sent greetings to a certain poster...
Is that Pilot kosher, Lemony?
RubeBabeā„¢III worked last summer at an activity center utilized mostly by children of very low-income households. There was a designated lunchtime, but each of the kids was responsible to bring his/her own food from home. There was a strict "No Lunchables" rule.
The Fugitive.
NASA had been docking spacecraft for a long time before Armstrong/Aldrin had to join back up with Michael Collins in the command module. Gemini capsules were docking with Agena rockets way back in '66.And the big unknown, really, was the dark side of the moon thing, which was answered with Apollo 8's flight, Christmastime '68.Yeah, Armstrong/Aldrin was a big deal, but other than actually landing the LEM on the moon and taking those first otherworldly steps, the Apollo...
The words of wisdom belong to my father, actually.Although I know he didn't claim to be the coiner.
The smell is definitely different.Dead people tend toward pungency; suburban Repubs still smell like money.
Yes.Inquiring minds want to know.
Marriage rule #1: If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
I'm fairly confident the dead people would be recognized and turned away from the voting booth.
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