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I know a few.They all seem to have that weird, vacant "have you heard the good news" stare I see when the Witnesses pound on my door.
2010 is a fucking lifetime ago in real estate terms, edina.The termites alone should make you run away from this deal.
RubeBabe™III and I watched Contagion the other evening. Intense.
The American public doesn't want to live in a fiscally-responsible reality.See below.
After a month of courtship, I am starting a new job Monday. A regular paycheck, health insurance, expense account, etc will be a relief.
pm me your digits
Or a remnant effect of the nail lodged in your brain.
wtf, conne?Are you on one of those forced labor magazine subscription selling teams?
Easy there, pal.I'll have you know we've abandoned our ethnic purity program.
Thank you.I'll continue my search...
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