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^This is the correct answer.And, please, don't ask my how I know this.
Has Matt Drudge jumped the shark?
Would not hit
Thanks all.After a 25 year absence, I am going back into the newspaper business!Well, newspaper and online business.I'm excited.p.s. going to keep my real estate license for awhile. Too many good clients to turn my back on. I can bank the RE commission checks to rebuild the nestegg my ex wiped out.
Loose cable. A gazillion dollar science upended by a loose fucking cable. [neo] smh [/neo]
I know a few.They all seem to have that weird, vacant "have you heard the good news" stare I see when the Witnesses pound on my door.
2010 is a fucking lifetime ago in real estate terms, edina.The termites alone should make you run away from this deal.
RubeBabeā„¢III and I watched Contagion the other evening. Intense.
The American public doesn't want to live in a fiscally-responsible reality.See below.
New Posts  All Forums: